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August 29, 2022

Anime NFT Projects - The Ones That Have Taken the World By Storm

There are a lot of anime fans in the NFT space. It’s no surprise that anime NFT projects are ramping up and there are a few anime NFT collections that are already very sought-after. Should you get your hands on one of these NFTs? Are they worth it? We’ll find out!

10 Best Anime NFT Projects Today

Get ready for our top 10 best anime NFT projects to get you started on your own collection!


At the top of our list is Azuki. Anime fans rejoice! It is quite a new NFT project as it was only launched in January of 2022, but there is no doubt that these NFTs inspired by Japanese cartoons have made a name for themselves.

They are NFT PFP avatars that have unique traits, and their own story, and the anime NFT collection has taken the number 6 spot on Opensea. Azuki holders can enjoy exclusive access to drops and more!

Karafuru Homepage

When you look at Karafuru, it’s clear that this NFT collection differs quite a bit in terms of style, but anime lovers and NFT collectors alike may appreciate the distinctive traits of the adorable animation NFT art.

The NFT collection was launched on the Ethereum blockchain with 5,555 to go around, and as of writing, the floor price is close to 3 ETH. You can be sure many top NFT artists, creators, NFT beginners and veterans in the community have their eyes on Karafuru. 


The NFT Haki is a smaller collection of 5,000. Haki takes its concept beyond just the tech side as the NFT collection branches into streetwear. NFT airdrops, and more. It is for sure one of the more unique collections in the NFT space, and we can see why anime fans in the NFT community support it.

Unlike some other anime NFTs, Haki is priced a lot lower at around 0.075 ETH, so it is a great starting point for those new to the community.

Shonen Junk

Shonen Junk makes sound undesirable, but you wouldn’t wanna pass up an NFT collection with some serious credibility. James Lin, the founder of Crunchyroll, a distributor of manga and anime in North America, is the software engineer behind Shonen Junk. The design of the anime PFPs is crisp and clean and Shonen Junk holders will have access to future NFT collections non-holders won’t.

Minted in April of 2022, Hikari is definitely one of our favorites and a heavy-hitter in the NFT space that’s for sure. When you look at it you know exactly why these anime NFTs command attention. The Hikari roadmap looks very promising with ambitious milestones such as a Hikari MOBA game, live events, and streetwear. 

We’re excited to see what else the Hikari team has in store for us and the project’s future.


Any Naruto fans out there? If so, you’ll love Akuma Origins, which shares similar artwork with a twist, making it a little like fan art. It is still similar to other anime PFPs and NFTs out there in terms of traits, and really brings comic book-style art to the digital world. 

The total volume of NFTs created in the collection by the Akuma team was 5,555, and the floor price right now is around 0.05 ETH. The team announced some breaking news to the Twitter community about upcoming mints that seem to be a companion NFT drop of Akuma kids!

0N1 Force

This has got to be one of the coolest-looking anime NFTs ever created! Not only that, but this big anime NFT is what spearheaded the way for the rest. The OG launch was back in August of 2021, which really wasn’t that long ago but the collection sold out within minutes! Logan Paul is a celebrity that jumped on this collection and paid over 100 ETH for a legendary NFT.

The current floor price of this anime non-fungible token is around 0.4 ETH, which is still decent but a far cry from what it was worth at its peak. We would recommend getting in on the ground floor for any project as future price projections could be much higher than the floor price they are currently selling for. 


Why do many anime NFT tokens in the NFT space face one side? That’s a question to think about. However, Muri decides to go against the grain and make its anime assets face forward. That is one thing that really sold us on these manga NFTs.

What’s cool about Muri isn’t just the front-facing characters, but it’s also the weapons they wield. You can find NFTs with weapons, swords, and even lightsabers (you don’t get much cooler than that!

Many NFT artists create projects with utility and for gaming. Ragnarok Meta is a project like this and brings together an active community that loves metaverses, gaming, and legend. 

Yes, Ragnarok Meta’s serious roadmap aims to create a very interactive metaverse, one that is highly social. The project will involve native games and other dimensions. The avatars within the project are its big selling point. Of course, it takes an anime-style design with characters sporting cool accessories such as X-ray glasses and other forms of futuristic tech.

To round off our list, we have Otaku Origins beautiful NFT art that is a little bit more old-school. This project was auto-generated to exhibit NFTs belonging to 8 categories sporting over 200 different traits.

NFT holders of the Otaku Origins project can gain access to the Metaverse. They will also get exclusive rights to combine their unique anime NFTs within their own manga or anime. It’s the perfect avenue for NFT creators to gain more exposure to their work.


• What is the most expensive NFT ever sold?

The most expensive NFT ever sold is The Merge. The list of most expensive NFTs is constantly changing, but at the time of writing, The Merge commanded the high price of 91.8 m! It was created by Pak, a world-famous digital artist, and it is a fractional NFT.


It’s important to do your own research before committing to any purchase, and the same goes for anime NFTs. Owning NFTs can give you access to an exclusive community and afford you many perks. However, some can command a very steep price that may or may not be worth it to some. Collecting NFTs can be for profit, but in terms of anime-themed NFTs, it’s much more for collection purposes. 

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