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May 17, 2022

Best BSC NFT Marketplace: Secure, Fast, and Cheap!

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the blockchain and native token of the Binance network and platform. Binance is one of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency marketplaces in the world to bring NFTs to the public, but it is lesser-known compared to other chains such as Ethereum, Cardano, or Solana. Binance Smart Chain is also quite unique in that many of its NFTs are in-game objects of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, as BSC is one of the biggest ecosystems for P2E gaming.




AirNFTs is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that is built on the BSC, FTM, and Polygon blockchain ecosystems. The platform allows users to mint, trade, and even earn with digital art. Compared to Ethereum blockchain exchanges, BSC NFT marketplaces have lower fees, which immediately gains the attention of purchasers and creators alike. In fact, AirNFTs is loved by many in the DappRadar, Betfury, and CoinMarketCap communities and more.

AirNFTs is one of the best NFT marketplaces out there because of its UX/UI. The marketplace focuses on fostering a sense of community and is open to everyone.

Just getting started or want help with your NFT art project? No problem, because AirNFTs has a Launchpad that can help you raise the necessary funds.

To start transactions on this Binance Smart Chain NFT marketplace, just connect your Trust Wallet or MetaMask crypto wallets. 


  • One-click minting
  • Low fees
  • Cross-chain NFT marketplace (FTM, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon)
  • NFT Launchpad
  • Gamification
  • Various NFT categories


  • Must use Trust Wallet to mint NFTs under $1


Binance NFT creators and collectors will enjoy the features on Treasureland. It’s another multi-chain platform that can help people mint, buy and auction NFTs. As of now, minting on Treasureland is gas-free. It also accepts a variety of NFT formats, including .jpeg, .png, and mp3. However, there will be a transaction fee for successful NFT sales of 2%.

Creators can also set a royalty fee for secondary sales of their BSC NFTs. Treasureland supports a wide variety of digital wallets, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Safepal and WalletConnect. 

The user interface is average. Although the marketplace is easy to navigate, there isn’t much information offered to help you make purchasing decisions. 


  • Supports a variety of wallets
  • Multi-chain platform
  • Mint, buy and auction NFTs
  • Gasless minting
  • Artist royalties 



  • Some links on the site, such as ones to the Help Center, do not work



Right when you make it to the Pentas homepage, you are met with NFTs that depict various cultures and traditions. It matches the value of the Binance NFT marketplace, which states that it “seeks to empower content creator of heritage, cultural and traditional values” through crypto art. 

Out of all the NFT marketplaces, Pentas is considered one that supports many transactions such as minting, gifting (in progress), and buying and selling NFTs. 

All the top NFT marketplaces allow for royalty fees for the artist for secondary market sales, and Pentas is the same. It states that you can set a certain percentage, but it also seems that the limit is 10%. 

NFTs are still relatively new to the blockchain world, so it’s only natural that general collectors are still questioning the security of NFT marketplaces. A way to combat doubt on Pentas is to be on the lookout for artists and users with verified badges. These badges signify the authenticity and dedication of the individual. 


  • Supports selling, buying and minting your own NFT 
  • Built on safe blockchain technology
  • Royalty fees
  • Offers cultural NFTs to potential buyers
  • Active users can send or gift NFT collectibles to others in the future
  • Verified badges



  • You may not be granted verification



NFTKEY not only supports Binance Smart Chain but also FTM, ONE, MATIC, and AVAX. You can easily gain access to the platform by signing up and connecting your MetaMask, Wallet Connect, or Coinbase Wallets to start buying. The platform runs in a decentralized way, which gives users control while still keeping data secure and safe.

The marketplace organizes its interface in a user-intuitive way, separating collections, artists, and teams on different tabs as well as statistics. While it doesn’t qualify as investment advice, a marketplace that features NFT statistics can help you make better purchases. Not many platforms have this function, and NFTKEY goes the extra mile to separate things by blockchain.

Artists can list and sell their work, while buyers can discover, collect and trade NFTs to expand their collections. 


  • Has some top collections available such as Degen Ape Club 
  • Marketplace statistics available
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Supports major BSC-compatible crypto wallets 
  • Sell, trade, buy NFTs 



  • No helpful FAQ section



Refinable is a dedicated cross-chain NFT marketplace for metaverse and P2E game NFTs. Game items such as Revomon creatures are sold as NFTs on the platform. It’s the perfect space for gamers and gaming metaverse artists. Refinable supports many actions such as creating metaverse items, trading, browsing interesting and rare items, and NFT utilization.

To make transactions easier. Refinable supports all kinds of crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet and more. 


  • BSC is one of the faster blockchain networks supported on Refinable
  • Trading, creating, discovering and importing collections
  • Collection verification
  • Has a focus on metaverse NFTs
  • Supports various wallets



  • It may not be the best platform for independent artists


If your first exposure to crypto is Bitcoin, then it’s worth noting that it does not have its own NFTs. Instead, you can opt for Binance Smart Chain, which is a faster alternative blockchain ecosystem that uses smart contracts for security and NFT transactions. BSC is a chain that originated as a crypto exchange but has since expanded into the world of NFTs. As you can see, it offers many NFT options that appeal to artists and gaming enthusiasts alike. 

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