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June 30, 2022

The Best Cardano NFT Projects To Invest In Today

The Cardano blockchain is an ecosystem that prides itself on being green. The proof-of-stake blockchain aims to create a better future for generations with global change. Its NFT projects are those of visionaries and changemakers who are creating notable collections that center around community building and sustainability and ones that are entering the metaverse space. Get to know the best Cardano NFT projects below! 

Top 8 Cardano NFT Projects Today


For those who are big supporters of the Cardano blockchain or for those who are considering familiarizing themselves with the sustainable chain, these are the 8 NFT projects you can’t miss.

• #1: SpaceBudz


SpaceBudz is one cute non-fungible token project. It’s notable because it holds the record of being the first collection to sell an NFT worth 1 million dollars (around 510,000 ADA, Cardano’s native crypto). The collection is made up of 10,000 unique NFTs and was created by the founder of Nami Wallet, Alessandro, and a fellow NFT enthusiast, Zieg. 

However, the SpaceBud that has crossed over the million-dollar mark is not the most expensive. Instead, it is #1502, priced at over 3.5 million ADA. The vision behind this NFT project art is to create cute astronaut characters that are animals, humans, robots, and other special NFT creatures. SpaceBudz has its own NFT marketplace, but you can also find them on other marketplaces that support Cardano, such as JPG Store

• #2: Pavia


The Cardano ecosystem enters the metaverse space with its virtual world: Pavia. Pavia is the first Cardano digital world project with a P2E concept where its community of users can purchase land parcels (digital land) and build and create their environments. Pavia was built with the players in mind and is completely decentralized on the Cardano ecosystem. 

There is currently a total of 8300 landowners, ready to change the Pavia landscape and enjoy the first virtual world on the blockchain. The in-game experience will continue to improve as developers build on the Pavia project. Future features include advanced designs, community tools, and the ability for users to host events, run ads, and interact with other users in the space, much like Decentraland

• #3: Clay Nation

Clay Nation

Clay Nation is a very special NFT project as it’s not your everyday pixelation NFT collection or 2D picture. Instead, it’s a depiction of characters made from clay, called Clay Mates (hence the name). Clay Nation is built on Cardano blockchain technology, and each of the 10,000 tokens is uniquely handcrafted and a special type of art.

The NFT holders of this project get access to the Clay Nation festival and a hand in “molding the metaverse.” Collectors are a part of the virtual world via pitches, the land NFTs, each with a unique coordinate corresponding to a location on the map. Clay Nation is supported by the band Good Charlotte with exclusive spooky NFT releases. 

While the Clay Mates are not as expensive as SpaceBudz, the entire collection has raked around 14.8 million in total volume — still pretty impressive!

• #4: Soho Kids

Soho Kids is a Cardano NFT project that combines elements of fashion with cute 3D-rendered characters that have 5000 in total to go around. It is a PFP project, and the non-fungible tokens give its holders access to various perks including toys, parties, and events. Having a piece of these projects is like buying membership into exclusive communities — proof of membership IDs of the next generation. 

• #5: Boss Cat Rocket Club

Boss Cat Rocket club

Boss Cat Rocket Club (BCRC) was founded by a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT holder, Blue Magic. BCRC is a finite collection of 9,999 cat character NFTs exhibiting something out of this world. These cats belong in outer space, from rainbows shooting out of their eyes to multi-colored complexions.

Boss Cat Rocket Club is another Cardano NFT project getting in on the virtual world action with its metaverse project. The entire collection focuses on community-building. You’re looking at a project that aspires to be the Bored Ape of Cardano, which also introduced rocket parts that are NFTs themselves. There are 3 parts to completing an entire rocket, and if you manage to do it, the value increases exponentially. In the future, utility may be assigned to the rockets in the metaverse, Boss Planet.

BCRC holders get access to the Sandbox Space Center, auction houses, and exclusive access to real-world locations such as beach clubs. 

• #6: Yummi Universe

Yummi Universe

If you thought SpaceBudz was cute, then feast your eyes on Yummi Universe. No, it’s not a unicorn, nor is it a seal. Instead, it’s a narwhal, or Naru! Out of all the Cardano NFT projects, this one gets the award for cuteness overload. While Yummi aims to take inspiration from the likes of Pokemon and Moshi Monsters, each NFT creature in the collection has its own unique touch. You can find Yummi Universe creatures with knives, food, hearts for eyes, swords, and many other accessories.  

Each one is 3D modeled and rendered in very high quality, a creation process that takes over 33 hours for each piece! Each series has a unique trait, signifying the series they belong to. Within each series, there are different rarities. Let’s take the burger buddies, for example, the narwhal that holds a burger. There are 4 in total in that series, with the shiny one being the rarest while the common Naru makes up 97% of the collection. 

• #7: ADA Ninjaz

ADA Ninjaz

Anime lovers in the crypto community rejoice, because Cardano’s top anime NFT project is here! ADA Ninjaz takes inspiration from traditional Japanese anime art and brings it to the Cardano blockchain. You can find 8,888 randomly-generated unique characters with special traits, so no two are alike. ADA Ninjaz is taking the project to the next level, creating its own manga!

The NFTs in this project are separated into clans, and each clan is a separate release drop. Season 1 was the launch of the Aramar clan, season 2 introduced the Atsuko clan, and we’re eager to see the next tokens the NFT project will release. You can visit NFT Drops to have the latest updates on new NFTs release.

Clan Wars is the story that will impact the direction of the manga with NFTs, which means the collectors will have a personal interest in how things play out. If you’re curious about the roadmap of culture development, check out the outline on their official site. 



Lastly, we land on Deadpxls, pixelated NFTs built on Cardano blockchain technology. On the surface, these characters look ordinary, but these randomly-generated characters are actually the first interactable token on Cardano. What can the first interactable NFTs minted on Cardano do? 

Collectors can interact with their Deadpxls by changing the mood or the background with just one click. Each Deadpxl has a different mood, but only 3 in total. The expressions are pretty basic, including happy, sad, and a neutral face. In the future, we believe Deadpxls may introduce new moods to the community. 

Where to Buy Cardano NFTs

Most of the time, a dedicated NFT marketplace will be on the platform if the minted NFTs have their sites. If not, our quick Cardano NFT marketplace list should help you out. 


One of the biggest marketplaces on Cardano is You can buy and sell NFTs on the platform and gain access to many of the top Cardano NFT projects we’ve named above, such as Pavia and Soho Kids. is currently working on developing a launchpad where new artists and creators can develop their projects with support. Aside from being a marketplace with selling and buying features, can also mint NFTs.    

• Revuto NFT Marketplace

Revuto wasn’t an NFT marketplace to begin with, but it has stepped into the space by launching its own on the Cardano blockchain. The platform will support buying and selling Cardano NFTs. Revuto is a decentralized application that helps you pay for subscriptions with DeFi services and crypto. 

How to Buy Cardano NFTs

Cardano NFT vs. Ethereum NFTs

Let’s put the two crypto blockchain giants against one another by comparing Ethereum and Cardano. Ethereum is the largest blockchain ecosystem for NFTs, but it is also one of the most expensive due to high gas fees. Another major difference between Cardano NFT and Ethereum NFT is proof-of-stake (Cardano) vs proof-of-work (Ethereum), which is a big reason why Ethereum is more expensive (that and the traffic, of course). 

Ethereum came first, and the Cardano blockchain had the privilege of learning from Ethereum, seeing what could be improved, and putting it into action. So, what advantages do Cardano projects have over Ethereum other than ADA being cheaper than ETH? Let’s find out. 

Cardano Advantages

• Scalability

A problem for proof-of-work blockchains is the lack of scalability and eco-friendliness. Cardano is working to fix the scaling issue with layer two solutions such as Hydra that will push the potential to 10,000 transactions/second.

A layer 2 solution that is trying to improve Ethereum’s speed and the price is Polygon, which works to hasten the speed of transactions and lower Ethereum’s notoriously high gas prices.

• Interoperability

Cardano is working to solve the interoperability issue that plagues blockchain technology. Interoperability means two ecosystems that cannot communicate with each other due to incompatibility in the coding language. Cardano adopts Polaris as a system to address this issue and also utilizes side chains that support interchain communication and operability. 

• Governance

Crypto and blockchain technology is all about putting the power in the hands of the people or collectors, so Cardano is implementing a voting system. Those with ADA have a say in what happens in the community such as software updates, improvements, and decisions on funding. Those in Cardano are also part of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that votes on the future direction of the chain.

• Vision

Cardano’s main focus is community building, social support, and sustainability. Its actions and many of the NFT projects it supports reflect this.

Disadvantages of Cardano

Just like with anything in the crypto space as of now, there are downsides. Ethereum is still the larger and more prominent chain, which is why many people still choose its ecosystem despite the high prices.

However, the future is still unwritten, and Cardano has the potential to rival the likes of Ethereum but with a more sustainable approach.


• How much does it cost to mint an NFT on Cardano?

It costs a few ADA to mint an NFT. The exact cost depends on your chosen platform and other fees involved in the process, such as the platform fees. If creators go for lazy minting, then the fees are offloaded to the buyer at the time of the transaction. 

• What is the best wallet for Cardano?

The best wallet for Cardano is Coinbase, but there are plenty of others that the Cardano community also uses to store ADA, such as Binance, Ledger, Kraken, and Daedalus. The best wallet for Cardano will depend on personal preference, but your transactions will be safe as long as you go with the main ones. 


The best Cardano NFT project may constantly change, but we have chosen the record setters and the big-time players. Some of the collections and new ones come with a finite supply, so it’s important to know when there is a drop, what marketplaces are selling them, and how to get them. 

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