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NFT Showroom
April 18, 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not just digital pictures and art pieces—they can also be film, music or moments captured in time. The sky’s the limit! 


Now, if you’re specifically looking for music NFTs, you might be wondering if there is a dedicated marketplace solely for this type of non-fungible token. Are they supported across various blockchain NFT marketplaces and trustworthy? Do they run on smart contracts that protect your digital art and each transaction? Are the music NFTs supported by the music industry? 


Let’s find out below.


Top NFT Marketplaces for Music NFTs



OpenSea is a major player in the NFT space. Built on Ethereum, the gas fee can be quite high, but the perks the decentralized marketplace adds and smart-contract trading make the fees worth it. It currently has over 4 million assets listed on the site, many of which are music NFTs. 


What’s also great about OpenSea is it’s a free NFT marketplace to use. Yes, you will have to pay platform fees after each successful transaction, but signing up and opening an account is free of charge.


An artist can get up to 10% royalties on their digital creations for secondary sales, and there is no minting (creation) fee for NFTs made on the platform. At the moment, OpenSea supports ETH, WETH, DAI, USDC, and MEME cryptocurrencies and the crypto wallets you can connect are MetaMask and WalletConnect.


  • Features smart contracts
  • One of the largest music NFT marketplaces
  • Well-known in the NFT world
  • Allows for creator royalties
  • Open NFT marketplace
  • No upfront minting fee
  • Access to over 4 million digital collectibles



  • Although it allows royalties, it’s only 10%

NFT Showroom


NFT Showroom is built on Hive. Hive is fast, but its main advantage is that it’s cheaper than Ethereum. It clearly lists stats about the total earnings an artist has made, how many NFTs were sold, and the number of total verified creators. 


NFT Showroom is also an open NFT marketplace and all you need to get started is a HIVE account and a HIVE keychain. If you’re a creator, you have 2 options—private or limited reproduction rights, which is quite a unique approach. 


Private means the artist or creator will retain 100% of the copyright to the NFT. Meanwhile, limited reproduction rights grant full commercial rights of reproducibility to the buyer or collector. This means the buyer can use the art as their own for commercial purposes. However, the rights are still limited, and the buyer orcollector does not have the option of selling their secondary licenses or retokenizing the NFT in question. 


  • Two choices of ownership for creators
  • Supports image, video, and audio NFTs
  • You can gift your digital asset
  • Easy to navigate the market 
  • HIVE is fast and cheap to save you money 



  • Requires a HIVE keychain extension 


NFT Tone


NFT Tone is an NFT marketplace dedicated to music NFTs so you can support your favorite artists. You can own music NFTs that are unique, and choose to sell or auction any audio file. However, the native token on this NFT marketplace is not among the top 6000 CMC rankings. 


Nevertheless, NFT Tone is an up-and-coming platform that will do wonders for the music industry. It’s an NFT space for musical artists that shines a spotlight specifically on audio NFTs, which are still quite new.


NFT Tone is the perfect place for fans to support their favorite musicians, and a place for an artist to spot sell their creations, monetize their intellectual property, and grow an organic fanbase without the backing of record labels. 


  • One of the only dedicated music NFT marketplaces 
  • User-friendly market 
  • Helps artists monetize intellectual property
  • Grow an organic fanbase
  • Sell or auction music NFTs (spot selling available) 
  • NFT Tone shows support in the music industry



  • 8% tax fee for each transaction

Nifty Gateway


Also referred to as Nifties, Nifty Gateway is one of the best NFT marketplaces for music digital collectibles that is built on Ethereum blockchain technology. Aside from having a unique selection of non-fungible tokens, Nifties also releases rare ones every 3 weeks. You will only be able to purchase these limited-edition NFTs within a certain time period, so act fast! 


A lot of big-time artists have their intellectual property listed for sale, including the likes of Steve Aoki and deadmau5! Even if you aren’t a fan of their music, you can still browse the collections to find other artists.


One thing that can be improved about Nifty Gateway is the low creator royalty fees, which is only 5%. Unlike OpenSea, Nifties is not an open NFT marketplace and will require an application. 


Moreover, Nifty Gateway does not use smart-contract-powered transactions. But it does accept credit cards with prepaid ETH for certain transactions, which adds a level of convenience for some because the marketplace only supports the Fiat wallet.


  • Many big-time artists
  • Has limited edition releases every week
  • Works with credit cards and debit cards
  • Gasless
  • Curated and verified drops



  • Very high marketplace fee at 20%



Rarible deals in the rare, and is one of the best NFT marketplaces for unique pieces, including music NFTs. Anyone can list, but artists will have to wait for approval from the platform. Rarible is Ethereum-based and uses RARI as its native token.    


What’s excellent about Rarible is not just the digital assets it provides, but what it gives producers and collectors. Active users can vote on features and updates they would like to see, and the Rarible will listen. The end goal is to create a Decentralized  Autonomous Organization, or DAO for short, where collectors and other artists have as much power and say in the platform’s future as the developers and founders.


Rarible will incorporate a minting feature soon, but for now, users just have to worry about Ethereum gas fees and the 2.5% marketplace fee. Don’t worry, as your transactions are protected by smart contracts, and Rarible supports various major digital wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Torus, MyEtherWallet, WalletConnect, and Fortmatic. 


  • Supports many wallets
  • One of the only governance platforms in the NFT world
  • A minting feature is coming soon
  • Aims to be a DAO
  • Has very unique NFTs 
  • Supports Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos
  • Uses smart contracts to sell NFTs



  • Cannot move minted NFT to different blockchain




It’s difficult for musicians to get on SuperRare, and the same goes for digital artwork or music NFT creators alike. The platform is very stringent in its vetting process, only permitting a handful of musicians to post and start selling. This affords collectors quality NFTs that other marketplaces can’t guarantee. 


The platform is still not fully open and is only early-access as of now, but anyone can start collecting as long as they have ETH and the MetaMask or Fortmatic wallets.


The commission fee for your successful sales is 15%, with 85% going back to you. However, creators are eligible for a 10% royalty fee if their art is sold on the secondary market.


It is one of the most exclusive NFT marketplaces right now just with its application process, but as the platform grows, it may change its access. You can partake in live auctions, which could sometimes result in pretty good deals, or opt for fixed-price transactions, which will get you the art or music NFT of your choice for a set price. 


  • Exclusive approval process so artists and musicians are legit
  • Auctions or fixed price transactions
  • Up to 85% gains
  • Over $140 million earned by artists from sales
  • Shows trending artists
  • Helpful community space



  • No smart contract import like some other platforms



Is selling your music as an NFT a good idea? You may get pennies from music streaming giants, but the NFT space allows you to sell your royalty rights to investors to make even more money. TuneGo is a space that has been around way before NFTs. It was a site for musicians that saw an opportunity once non-fungible tokens exploded, and now offers a channel for tokenized music built on the Flow blockchain, which has lazy minting. 


If you’re not an NFT collector or investor, the platform supports artists as well. Without the power of a record label behind you, it can be hard to grow your brand and fanbase and get noticed. But TuneGo can help you with that and sell music NFTs.  


As of now, the platform is strictly invitation-only. But with advertisements showing releases from major musicians such as Method Man, no gas fees, collaboration with Dapper Labs (which also powers NBA TopShot), and access to the patented TuneGo vault, the exclusivity is understandable.



  • Collaborates with Dapper Labs
  • Very exclusive with access to the patented TuneGo vault
  • A great place to collect music NFTs and grow your fanbase
  • Flow is an eco-friendly blockchain
  • No gas fees



  • Your application might be rejected


AirNFTs has made it on our list before as one of the best NFT marketplaces built on Polygon. The platform allows you to mint, earn and trade NFTs. One thing that really stood out about AirNFTs is the lower fees. Trust Wallet and MetaMask wallets are both supported and are easy to connect. If you have any questions about how to use the marketplace, there are detailed guides in the FAQ section. 


AirNFTs supports a variety of digital assets including Polygon blockchain NFTs, Fantom NFTs, art, game, sports, photography, video, and music NFTs. There is also a very special type: the influencer NFT. Media influencers that need a platform and a breakthrough in the NFT space can take advantage of what AirNFTs has to offer.


The platform is one of the best NFT marketplaces for those seeking various types of digital assets and ones that are looking to create and sell NFTs. 



  • Supports various types of NFTs
  • Connects with MetaMask and Trust Wallet 
  • Earn, trade, and mint NFTs 
  • Helpful resources 
  • The platform works with BSC, Fantom, and Polygon
  • Cheaper than ETH for a better carbon footprint 



  • Not as many supported wallets 



Mintable is currently one of the top NFT minting (creation) platforms in the NFT world. The website deals in ETH or USD. There are multiple categories of NFTs available, with music being one of them. What is special about Mintable is there are also utility NFTs, meaning your purchase can be used for a certain purpose.


We’ve seen some pretty cool stuff on Mintable, but by far one of the most outrageous utility NFTs we’ve come across is one that helps you meet your Colombian boyfriend! Your purchase of the NFT includes a round-trip plane ticket from Europe.


Of course, you can go the more conventional route and settle for collectibles, music NFTs split into many genres, and sports NFTs of your favorite athlete.


Mintable also aims to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where the community votes for platform upgrades, features artists for Super NFTs, and enjoys 100% control without marketplace manipulation.


  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • Takes ETH and USD
  • Gasless minting
  • Start minting easily with your account 
  • Many types of NFTs
  • Easy to use platform
  • Offers utility NFTs 



  • Only takes the MetaMask wallet



Makersplace is a gathering place for producers and musicians of various walks of life. The platform that protects and sells their artwork to help them earn.


The platform does take a 15% fee (higher than most marketplaces), but it gives musicians up to 10% in royalties for each successful secondary sale.


With Makersplace built on Ethereum, you can expect slightly higher fees, which include gas and credit card fees, in addition to the marketplace mentioned above. The digital art collectibles can go for a fixed price or be sold off at an auction so there are plenty of ways to find and purchase the NFT you want. Makersplace supports MetaMask, Portis, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect. 


  • Many NFT categories
  • Offers 2 types of sales
  • Sets out to empower and support creators and producers
  • Offers proof of ownership
  • Artists can create an NFT custom storefront



  • Higher fees



Music NFTs are still new, and they can sometimes go unnoticed compared to sports NFTs and unique artwork such as Bored Ape. You will find that many NFT markets offer various types of digital assets, and many include music NFTs. The key to finding the right marketplace is wallet compatibility; make sure your wallet is supported. You should also have the cryptocurrency necessary for transactions, and ensure that your wallet is funded. 

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