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September 24, 2022

What Are the Best NFT Discords, and Can Anyone Join?

If you’re new to the NFT space, then you may be feeling overwhelmed. Where do you get information about existing and upcoming NFT projects? Who can you trust not to do a rug pull? Sure, you can do your own research, but having a trusted group guiding you is always best – enter the Discord community. Which is the best NFT Discord to join? We’ll find out!

What are NFT Discord Groups and Servers?

Why take anyone’s word for it without understanding what NFT Discord servers and groups are? It’s simple, NFT Discords are just online chats on the Discord, an advanced online interaction platform. Form your groups, invite people, keep the groups public or private, and engage in insightful conversation.

Anyone with the same interest can congregate together on the platform and find like-minded people to connect with. You can find artists, NFT supports, creators, developers, you name it. It is very similar to a forum where creators of the Discord server can assign roles to trusted members such as admin or moderator.

Many NFT projects have their own Discord communities you can join. Many famous NFT projects such as BAYC have their own NFT Discords. However, it’s worth it to note that bots can run rampant on an NFT Discord and you have to use your best judgment to avoid scams, much like in the crypto and NFT space in general. 

Why Join an NFT Discord Server?

Okay, so now you understand what NFT Discord servers are, but why should you join one? First of all, an NFT Discord server can be full of vital information for future NFT drops and get first-hand advice about investments and early access to NFT news. It doesn’t matter who you are, a creator, a supporter, or a collector, there are reasons for you to join.

From the everyday NFT collector’s perspective, joining an NFT Discord will give you information about new NFT projects with high potential. If you’re looking for a good investment or an NFT project with a worthy cause, you can find the answer within an NFT Discord community.

The benefits are similar if you’re an NFT investor. You can chat with other NFT supporters and find successful NFT projects to invest in. NFT artists join the best NFT Discords to connect with

and get inspired by other artists in the Discord community. If you’re a project creator and struggling to get your bearings, the Discord community can help.

Lastly, if you’re new to the NFT world, joining the best NFT Discord servers can provide you with invaluable information and direction. 

How to Join a Discord?

Okay, so you’re sold on the importance of joining the NFT community via Discord servers, but how do you do it? 

The steps are very simple and joining Discord servers is much like joining any other community. First, you have to download Discord on your phone or head over to the site on your desktop. The next step is to sign up for an account using your email and enter a password. 

Once you’re signed up, you can head over to the Discord homepage where you can browse and join Discord servers. You will see all the servers you have joined on the left-hand side. It will be empty when you first log in. Then click on the “+” sign on the left-hand side. If you click on it, you can create your own Discord server. 

Of course, you can join public ones and explore what Discord servers speak to you the most on the platform. If you’re short on time and want some top suggestions, below are some of the Best NFT Discord servers.

Top NFT Discord Servers Available

Our first option is R/NFT. We feel like this is one NFT fans must explore, because it is the official Discord server of one of the largest (if not the largest) NFT subreddit community. There are a whopping 155,000 community members and counting!

You can find beginners and NFT experts within the NFT world. Not only that, you will find people of different roles such as NFT holders, NFT collectors, creators of NFT art, and more. People within R/NFT are very helpful, and friendly, and with members all around the world, you can expect this Discord channel to be active at all hours.

OpenSea’s name isn’t the first to pop into your head when you think about the best NFT Discord servers, but it definitely is when it comes to the largest NFT marketplace! As for their Discord channel, it is surely one of the largest with about 250,000 members. The OpenSea Discord server is full of materials offering members help with OpenSea technology and what the marketplace has to give. The news Discord Channel on the OpenSea Discord is always active with the latest information and updates.

The OpenSea Discord is connected to its Twitter account so you would get Twitter news from the marketplace on Discord as well. We really like OpenSea for its NFT channels. There are channels for promotion, so you can promote your project, and ones for tech support. 

BAYC Discord

We gave a little spoiler above when we mentioned big NFT projects, and you don’t get much bigger than Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which also has its own NFT Discord. The Discord community for these coveted apes has 172,000 members and counting. At any given time, there are about 20,000 to 30,000 people online.

BAYC has one of the largest market caps and the NFT project has some of the most expensive NFTs, making it also one of the most profitable NFT projects. We would suggest joining the BAYC NFT Discord if you’re interested in blue chip NFTs.

Have you heard of VeeFriends NFT? The founder is Gary Vee who is accredited with predicting the success of social media in our times, so it makes sense that his VeeFriends Discord is attracting a lot of major players. As of now, the VeeFriends Discord has over 350,000 members! 

Just in case you didn’t know, Gary Vee has a very positive outlook for crypto and NFTs, so if you’re a little down due to the crypto winter, the summer may be closer than you think! If you’re a beginner, don’t miss out on VeeFriends!

Decentraland is a famous metaverse with land parcels going for hundreds of thousands. Their Discord is a lot smaller than some of the other ones we have explored with a little over 12,000 members, but that doesn’t make this NFT Discord any less prominent.

If you are an investor of Decentraland or are interested in being a future land owner, then definitely join their NFT Discord servers! You will get access to all the latest news and updates within the metaverse platform. The metaverse operates with a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where users have voting rights. 

CryptoPunks Discord

CryptoPunks is another NFT project with its own Discord community, similar to BAYC. As of now, there are around 70,000 members and you could be one of them! CryptoPunks is also a project with assets worth hundreds of thousands.

You can read the insights of Punk holders and although you may not always be able to participate in the discussion, you can read the updates and news from admin to gain valuable insight.

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Like OpenSea, Rarible is also an NFT marketplace with its own Discord. If you join, you can connect with NFT investors, NFT enthusiasts, and just generally nice people looking to share and receive info and knowledge. A lot of the top NFT projects (many that are on our list) have had their NFT collection for sale on Rarible.

Of course, joining gives you info and updates on the Rarible platform, but it’s also a good place for an NFT artist or NFT collector to connect with others for advice. 

Next, we have Cryptoads. With a name like that, you can expect the NFT Discord server to be fun and lighthearted, which it is. Cryptoads is a meme project created by Gremplin, which has seen much success. This particular Discord community is a very active one and a great place for NFT creators to connect. 

With over 13,000 members, Nouns is also a Discord group to look at. The Nouns NFT project consists of NFTs that are created after people, places and things. The project is very unique, so if you’re looking for Discord groups of people who think outside the box, then Nouns is for you.

We would love to join any one of these Discords from Bored Ape Yacht Club to CryptoPunks and now Mutant Cat. This is the first decentralized autonomous organization to purchase blue chip NFTs such as CryptoPunks and hand them out to members.

There are about 11,000 members in this community, and if you’re someone interested in keeping up with this project, then enter the Discord channel! Mutant Cat is an NFT project that consists of 9,999 cats that can mutate (hence the name).

Compared to the other best NFT Discords we have on the list, Crypto Baristas is considered a small community with only a little over 3,000 members. However, it is a meaningful one. Crypto Baristas is the first NFT-funded cafe to open. The project introduced 60 characters that reach have a role in Crypto Baristas.

If you’re a coffee lover like we are, you should consider this NFT Discord community because members will get free coffee for life at any existing or future Crypto Barista cafe.

NFTs World is a huge Discord Community with close to 360,000 members. The content discussed by this NFT community ranges from crypto and NFT-related questions to upcoming drops and noteworthy projects. Trust us, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, NFTs World will have the knowledge you seek. is an education NFT Discord community with a ton of learning resources, making it a great place for newbie NFT artists and NFT collectors. Bright minds within the NFT industry can be found on this NFT server. The platform has cutting-edge tech and operates on smart contracts.

What can you expect from an NFT Discord group with a saucy name like this? It is a DAO and a club focused on not only NFTs but also crypto. Celebrities have appeared at events for Friends with Benefits and the founder, Andreessen Horowitz has personally invested millions into this project. Unfortunately, it will cost a lot to join as it isn’t free ($5,000 – $10,000).

This Discord server is focused on providing opportunities for artists to create unique pieces. The community is growing, so make sure you are not left out. If you are itching to create your NFT art, then don’t overlook the Art Stars Club NFT Discord. 

Next up is Galaxy Gang Global, as far as NFT Discord servers go, this is one you can’t miss. NFT collectors can come together and discuss topics that are on their minds from investments to DeFi. This is one of the more active NFT Discord communities with daily events.

With close to 10k members Foxxies is also an NFT Discord community to keep an eye on. Its main purpose is crypto and NFTs, which are discussions most people are looking for. Foxxie holders can have access to the Discord servers, the Elite Club and the DAO. If you’re looking to learn, Foxxies is an excellent choice. 

If you know about CryptoPunks then you may have heard of Larva Labs, which is the creator of notable collections including the coveted pixelated punks. There is no doubt that Larva Labs is one of the industry leaders with NFT Discord servers filled with updates and news. Get first-hand information about Larva Labs’ next moves by joining. 

It’s a pretty small community with a funny name, But BRAiN VOMiTS Garden is definitely one of the best NFT Discords to watch out for. The creator, Steven Rea, created this project after a skateboarding accident. You can say this Discord is a place for artists to connect, get inspired and receive support. 

Next up is Museum NFT, a generative NFT project that discusses and analyzes the worth of NFT art. No surprise there, as the name may give this away. Joining this Discord group is like attending a virtual event where people who share the same interests can engage in debate. 

Aspen Labs is a project looking to provide enhanced utility for virtual space users. Its Discord is filled with members that discuss everything within the crypto world from De-Fi to blockchains. Again, this is another place that gives Discord users a wealth of knowledge.

Hollow has 10,000 randomly generated NFTs and the founders got together in order to raise awareness in the space for mental health and wellness. If you need to connect with others who share this passion, then get your Discord account activated! 

Crypto Dads is an awesome Discord NFT community with almost 30,000 members. This is one of the Discord groups with the most information from info about project drops, to tips for purchasing and selling NFTs. Yes, the community isn’t that big, but it is one that is very closely knit and definitely one of the most active NFT communities out there. 

We make our way around to another one of the bigger NFT communities, Hangout Cafe. You can find around 20,000 members online at any given time to answer your questions and enlighten you with different perspectives. You can find members here from all walks of life, which is why joining Discord communities such as this one can prove to be very fruitful. 

If you’re invested in the progression of Web3, then this is the place for you. Compared to other NFT Discord servers, this one talks about NFT drops, cryptocurrency, blockchain knowledge and more. From being in this space, you will quickly become pretty knowledgeable. Imagine the knowledge you would have if you joined various NFT Discord communities.  

The Mekaverse Discord server is another one worthy of your membership. Join its community of close to 14,000 people ready to connect with each other. The NFT collection consists of 8,888 meka (mecha) characters inspired by the Japanese theme. This community has been featured in Forbes and even if you are not interested in purchasing a meka for yourself, it is still a space that can provide insight and data.

We round out our list with BFF, a Discord community where you can find your best friend and learn about crypto together. You will find people from different industries together in one space looking for great investment opportunities. The key to what makes the BFF Discord function is the atmosphere it provides. It is a place where BFFs can come and ask questions without inhibitions. 

Pros and Cons of Joining an NFT Discord

Before you dive in on NFT collections and their Discords, let us outline the pros and cons of joining one to help you find the best and right NFT Discord community. 


  • Members of NFT Discord servers are usually very supportive and friendly
  • You can connect with people who share your interests and thoughts
  • Explore and gain new knowledge from experts and more experienced individuals
  • You may get whitelist opportunities from joining NFT Discord servers
  • It’s a great opportunity to network and promote your own project
  • Get the low-down on the up-and-coming projects 


  • Joining a community, NFT marketplace, or any other platform will involve a learning curve
  • You have to beware of scams 

How to Avoid Scams in NFT Discord Communities

Speaking of scams, how does one make sure the community they join isn’t full of scammers? There are certain steps you can take such as:

  • Do not reveal sensitive and private information about yourself such as your address
  • Only use open chats (turn off DMs)
  • Don’t click on any and every link. Make sure that it is a legitimate one from someone trusted
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) whenever possible. It may take extra time to activate it, but it will keep you safe.
  • Double-check spelling and grammar, many of the time, scammer links and sites are misspelled.

Remember, you have to be very careful in this space and while none of these tips alone can keep you safe, implementing all of them together and doing your due diligence will.


• What makes a good NFT community?

A great NFT community consists of helpful, loyal and friendly members who sincerely want to see their fellow supporters succeed. Most of the time, you will see some sort of reciprocation by putting in the effort to support another creator, supporter, and collector. 

• What is whitelist in NFT Discord?

A whitelist is a list of spots for an NFT mint that guarantees you one of the tokens. It can either be a guaranteed spot to purchase or a free NFT. To get on whitelists, you have to be in with the creators and that can come from unwavering support and joining the project Discord.


As you can see, there are a ton of NFT Discords out there and there are a lot more that we didn’t cover. The ones on our list are ones that aren’t scams, but you still have to be careful of each individual user you come across. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, make connections, or impart what you know within the community, then joining an NFT Discord is the best way. 

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