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Edge of NFT
October 10, 2022

The Best NFT Podcasts - For Education, Entertainment, and Experience

Podcasts are a newer form of entertainment compared to news outlets and TV, and NFT podcasts in particular have become an excellent resource for all things important in the NFT space. You can get the low-down on NFT projects, news, and NFT artists, but which are the ones to trust? Here are some of the best NFT podcasts to listen to.

What is an NFT?

Before we get started, it’s imperative to understand what an NFT is in order to utilize the information within an NFT podcast. NFT stands for non-fungible token, which basically means a token that cannot be replaced. Each NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged or traded with another at the same equivalency. 

NFTs are created on blockchains, which house the information about each one. There are many forms of NFTs such as images, videos, and even digital land. The value of an NFT is assigned by individuals. Factors that could impact the cost of an entire NFT project includes its utility, artist, and roadmap for the future. 

How do you learn more about NFTs, and possibly get first-hand information about NFT projects? In the NFT podcast space, of course!

Top NFT Podcasts to Follow

NFT Catcher Podcast

First up is NFT Catcher podcast, hosted by Jennifer Sutto and Michael Keen. It’s a unique space in the NFT world where NFT experts focus on topics that can help audiences stay on top of relevant NFT projects and how to make a profit with digital art. Beginners can find these NFT topics interesting, but seasoned NFT traders will find NFT Catcher podcast the most beneficial. 

NFT Talk Show

Next up is NFT Talk Show. This best NFT podcast is where you should be if you’re looking for all the details about non-fungible tokens to become an NFT insider. The podcast series has information from NFT news to future NFT drops, and even interviews with big names in the NFT industry.  

As you can guess, this podcast in the NFT space is about big NFT projects. The hosts Jamie and Roy (Jaime Musings and Zeneca) are very entertaining and discuss insights and share their points of view and even take questions from the audience. If you have burning inquiries you’re desperately seeking the answers to, then check out this NFT podcast!

Edge of NFT

The website says it all for the Edge of NFT podcast. They don’t delve into everything under the sun in the NFT space, but they zero in on the top knowledge and news there is to know. The hosts separate trends from long-term investments in the weekly podcast. The Edge of NFT hosts also explore the impact NFTs have had on our society.

Modern Finance

It may not seem like an NFT podcast, but it is. Modern Finance is also about crypto, not just NFTs, and it takes a different approach compared to some more NFT-oriented spaces. Modern Finance dives deeper into De-Fi, investments, yield farming, and more. Just because you’re not into the crypto side of things, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep your ear to the ground on this subject. 

For those who are more crypto-centric, Bankless is another great podcast option. Bankless focuses on De-Fi. It talks about crypto trends, and if you are suffering in this crypto winter, perhaps Bankless can shed some light on when the skies will clear. The content within the NFT podcast is suitable for beginners and veterans. 

That’s Nifty is one of the best podcasts for information on the best NFT projects. It focuses on NFT art, the latest NFT projects, and notable NFT collectors and NFT artists to pay attention to. The podcast keeps you up to date with everything happening in the NFT art scene and the artists themselves may make appearances and answer your questions. 

The Nifty Show

One of our favorite NFT podcasts is The Nifty Show. Hosted by NFT leaders, the Nifty Show conducts plenty of interviews with top NFT pioneers and the show has a very relaxed environment. You’ll feel like you’re just having a conversation with fellow NFT enthusiasts. The Nifty Show also happens to be the World’s first NFT podcast! Cool, right?

Hosted by Laura Shin, the Unchained podcast explores crypto and blockchains, and takes on more expert and difficult conversations about how it impacts our current financial system, culture, and redefining digital ownership. Pretty big topics, right?

The Mint Condition

A little like NFT Twitter spaces, The Mint Condition is the perfect place to listen to prominent members of the NFT community members spread their knowledge and experience. You can understand more about NFT market trends, get the latest NFT news firsthand and acquire details about future NFT projects.

Zima Red is another heavy-hitter in the NFT podcast space. It is a top-rated NFT podcast hosted by Andrew Steinwold. What is great about this space is it traverses more than just talking about the most popular NFT projects, but it also delves deeper into metaverses, and virtual worlds. 

The First Mint

The First Mint covers a lot of topics that are useful for a seasoned NFT trader and beginners. The podcast covers a lot and is on Apple Podcasts as a lot of the other podcasts are as well. NFT creators, collectors, supporters or just those looking to know more about NFTs can get much out of this space.


Fanzo is a great host and has a knack for making all listeners feel comfortable and at ease. If you’re looking for fun NFT topics and educational content, NFT 365 is a great place to start and refer as it is also the first daily NFT podcast. If you want to dive deeper into blockchain technology and the tech side of things, we’d suggest looking at the more financial and crypto-centric podcasts. 

The OnChain Podcast

The OnChain Studios podcast is mostly an educational one. It discusses trends and market happenings in the blockchain space so it’s more than just NFTs. As a space that highlights the technology side of things rather than the art, The OnChain podcast can also be good on if you’re interested in NFT gaming. 

Overpriced Jpegs

An offshoot of Bankless and sponsored by it, the Overpriced JPEGs podcast is hosted by Carly Reilly and is a place where an NFT artist, creator, supporter or collector can go to keep up with the evolution of crypto and blockchain tech. Not only that, but there is also an NFT side of things where new NFT projects, NFT collectibles, and market dynamics are at the forefront of the conversation.

Web3 NFT for Newbies

NFTs for newbies is exactly what it sounds like – a place for beginners to get a foothold in the space. The hosts Heather Parady and Rich Cardona shed light on everything NFT and crypto. These two are very helpful NFT influencers if there ever were any. Get to know different NFT projects, and blockchain info, and understand web 3 concepts.


Proof is a weekly podcast that consists of interviews with the top NFT thought leaders. If you’re into NFT games, this is definitely a space you don’t want to miss. Hosted by Kevin Rose, and entrepreneur Proof gives budding creators and collectors the information and tools they need to succeed.


The best NFT podcasts provide information for what you need. Are you an NFT creator? Then look for podcasts that provide you with relevant information. All of our top recommended NFT podcasts are worth a listen as each dives into different aspects of the NFT crypto arena and provides invaluable info.

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