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Polygon Punks
June 27, 2022

Best NFT PolygonPunks to Invest In - Value and Price Analysis

Move aside, SolPunks and CryptoPunks! Polygon Punks, a new punk collection has hit the scene, but are cheaper versions of the previous two. But has the concept of punk NFTs been overdone, or is there still a chance that your investment will turn a profit? Let’s find out by looking at the best PolygonPunks NFTs to invest in.

What are PolygonPunks?

Polygon Punks

PolygonPunks are much cheaper than the former two collections, providing a chance for those who missed out on the first punk collections to get in on the action. They are basically pixelated depictions of characters that feature different attributes that determine the rarity.

SolPunks are on Solana, CryptoPunks are on Ethereum, and PolygonPunks are built on the Polygon blockchain ecosystem, which is a layer 2 solution running alongside Ethereum. Like the other two collections, there are 10,000 Punks to go around. PolygonPunks aims to pay tribute to the original CryptoPunks.

PolygonPunks Price

The rarity determines the price of the PolygonPunk and the potential value it can gain in the secondary market. One thing we really appreciate about all the punk collections is buyers don’t get to choose which punk, and therefore rarity, they get. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you get the details about drops before they happen on top sites like NFT Drops, because PolygonPunks are sold randomly.

You have no idea what you are getting until you buy it. CryptoPunks can go for millions as it is among the first NFT collections to be minted on big-shot Ethereum, but PolygonPnks offers a nice avenue into the punk space for a much more affordable price. The floor price for a punk (the cheapest) is around 0.012 ETH.

Best PolygonPunks to Buy

If you look on Opensea, there are PolygonPunks being listed for hundreds and thousands of ETH, with the most expensive one at the time of writing listed at 10866 ETH! There is no doubt that PolygonPunks have come a long way since the beginning and have yielded significant profits for collectors.

However, it’s important to note that sellers can list items for whatever price they want, and the floor price is our recommendation for the best price indicator. 

The best PolygonPunks to buy would be the ones considered the rarest, as they usually fetch the best prices. What collections does PolygonPunks offer? You can hope to get your hands on some of the ones below.

PolygonPunks Collections

The types of PolygonPunks offered are the same as its predecessors.


Alien PolygonPunks are the rarest, with only 9 available out of the collection of 10,000. They feature characters with blue-tinged skin sporting different attributes.


The next up are the Ape punks with only 24 to go around. Naturally, these characters look like apes that also sport different attributes.


Then we have the zombie punks, which are still pretty rare with 88 of them in total. Zombie punks have green skin to mimic the undead and red eyes.


Female PolygonPunks make up 3,840 of the collection. You can tell you have a female due to the smaller chin and more angular jawline.


The most common PolygonPunk are the males, which make up the bulk of the collection with 6,039 in total. Male punks can have various skin tones along with attributes.


Speaking of attributes, your PolygonPunk can feature anywhere from 0 to 7! There is only one with 7 attributes and it is among the best PolygonPunks to invest in. 

The attributes any type of punk can feature also has a rarity scale with the most common being an earring and the rarest is a beanie, and there are many other accessories and features in between. 


• Are Polygon NFTs popular?

Yes, Polygon NFTs are popular, with over a million supporters transacting. Polygon is a side chain working alongside Ethereum, and while it’s still a newer blockchain, it is slowly garnering more supporters and has some big projects on the rise.

• How do you buy PolygonPunks?

You can buy PolygonPunks either on the website directly or on an NFT marketplace that supports Polygon. Opensea is an example of a marketplace where a lot of PolygonPunks are sold, but the prices are in ETH, not MATIC.


Did you miss out on CryptoPunks and SolPunks? Well, now you can get your own PolygonPunk that resembles the previous collections but are cheaper on the current market. A punk can be a good investment, especially if you manage to get one that is incredibly rare, the only male punk with 7 attributes.

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