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Gods Unchained
March 14, 2022

The Best NFT Trading Card Game: Top 6 Picks for 2021

NFT has become the internet’s latest obsession these past few months.

Now, NFTs are also taking over the gaming industry.

Now the question is, what are the best NFT games out there?

If you’re looking to earn a little from NFTs while having a good time playing them, these are the top NFT trading card games out right now!

6 Best NFT Games for Trading Cards

NFTs have now been integrated into conventional video game design. And they’re definitely invading your favorite game genres.

Whether a role-playing game or a collection game, it doesn’t matter. They’re coming for your traditional games along with their technologies like smart contracts, idle cyber tokens, crypto, etc.

What does that mean for the gaming world?

It means being able to own a unique digital asset.

That means that game developers can preserve the actual rarity and uniqueness of certain in-game assets in a natural way!

Since they’re linked and anchored to a blockchain, devs can truly give players unique digital assets that they can actually OWN. You heard that right — you can now own things even in virtual reality!

This way, the game can also have a more natural gaming economy in a virtual world.

Thus, players who play them can actually get certain game assets, trade their digital assets with other players, and earn money through it. This is an NFT game’s play-to-earn model.

You can only imagine how good these aspects of NFTs would be for NFT games based on collectible card games, especially when trading RARE CARDS. Ka-ching!

In fact, this is one of the more popular gaming genres among the multiple games out there that include NFTs.

Without further ado, let’s get into the top NFT games list.

Best Free-to-Play Games

If you want to start WITHOUT paying anything, here are the top games to consider investing your time in to play-to-earn.

1. Gods Unchained

Let’s start with our first entry on the best NFT games list.

Do you like Hearthstone? Do you like free NFT games?

Well, boy, do we have a recommendation for you.

Gods Unchained is a blockchain game with heavy influences from Hearthstone. You begin with a starter deck, so there is no need to pay to start.

But you can get more cards from packs or individual cards from the marketplace. In the marketplace, you can buy and sell your digital collectibles.

The non-fungible tokens are stored on Ethereum and Immutable-X, and you can buy in-game items through them as well.

NOTE: This is only available on Windows.

2. Skyweaver

For our second entry, we have Skyweaver by Horizon Games.

Like the previous game, Skyweaver is Hearthstone-like. But unlike Gods Unchained, this one operates on a singleton rule, meaning you can only have ONE COPY of a card in a deck.

You can earn rewards and in-game currency from just playing normally, and you can use this currency to get cards from the market. You can also try to get the individual cards for your own game.

Additionally, you can compete for cards through the ranked game mode.

Skyweaver runs on Ethereum and Matic blockchain technology. It’s playable on a PC with a browser, but it also has a mobile version for Android and iOS.

As of now, Skyweaver is still in an invite-only beta.

3. Dark Country

Our next entry on the blockchain gaming line-up is Dark Country. Dark Country is a supernatural/horror wild-west-themed collectible card game.

Again, we have another Hearthstone-like option on the list. You build your deck, fight other players, and get cards through trading in the marketplace or with in-game transactions.

You don’t need to worry about paying at the start, as you will be provided a starter deck.

This game’s NFTs are stored on the WAX blockchain. It’s playable on Windows and Mac only through your preferred browsers.

It is still in early access as of now. They are planing a full release by Q1 of 2022.

4. Crypto Spells

Next on our list is something that started out overseas, Crypto Spells. Crypto Spells is one of many blockchain games developed in Japan.

It’s another Hearthstone-like free-to-play option. It’s incredibly popular in Japan. Although, there were some hiccups when it was translated to English.

For example, some text descriptions may look too small. It could also be the case that some text hasn’t been fully translated.

Crypto Spells runs on the Ethereum and Immutable-X blockchain platforms.

You can play it on a PC browser, Android with the play store, and iOS through their Appstore.

5. Sorare

This is probably the most different from all the crypto games listed here. Sorare is a sports type of card collection game.

Sorare features football cards from several leagues around the world, such as K League, MLS, Jupiler Pro League, and J. League. With these cards, you can build your own football team!

Think of it like fantasy football meets traditional sports cards, but with blockchain and your actual money on the line. You can strengthen your team by having them play matches and gain EXP.

The more you play, the more powerful your team becomes. When they get more powerful, the higher the divisions you can play in, thus the higher the possible prizes.

You are given 10 cards to start for free as you sign up.

Sorare runs on the Ethereum platform and is available for play on your browser.

You Need to Take Out Your Credit Card

Under this category, you have to treat it like a bit of an investment: You have to PAY to get returns.
Unlike the other games, you need to pay before you start your play-to-earn journey.

6. Splinterlands

The only one under this category is Splinterlands, formerly known as Steem Monsters. This is our first and last entry on our play-to-earn games.

As stated above, there is a small fee before you get to play it. To start playing, you have to buy a starter pack, which costs about $10.

But once you get in, you’ll find yourself playing a strategy, deck-building game. You have to think of card matchups and build your deck accordingly.

After you build your deck, you can battle other players, and winning gets you rank points. With a higher rank comes access to higher-level cards.

Splinterlands runs on the HIVE blockchain. You can play this on the PC on your browser, and you can take it to your mobile devices through the Google Android Store and the iOS Appstore.

Choose Your NFT Game

These are all the games we have for our best NFT game round-up.

We hope you’ll find these top NFT games worth your time, effort, and investments.

BUT, the research doesn’t end here. Go out there, choose your pick, learn its ins and outs, and win those sweet NFT revenues!

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