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September 7, 2022

Best NFTs to Stake That Make Passive Income - What Makes Money

Wouldn’t it be great if your money or assets could work for you to earn even more? We know that’s possible, but did you know NFTs can do it? They can with staking, but what projects are the ones to invest in to ensure passive income? We’ll answer these questions with a list of the best NFTs to stake that make passive income.

How to Collect Passive Income From NFTs

• Royalties

There are a few ways to earn passive income from non-fungible tokens, but royalties are by far one of the easiest. Creators of NFTs can earn ongoing royalties from their NFTs when they are sold on secondary marketplaces. The process is automated and the percentage is typically between 5-10%.

• Staking

Staking NFTs is relatively easy as well. Staking means you “lock up” your assets for a certain period.  You earn something for locking them up such as tokens, which have utility.

• Renting

Renting NFTs is more popular in the gaming space. For some games, there is a barrier of entry or some sort of requirement for a special event that needs a token or NFT. If you have it, you can rent it out to those who need it.

Top 10 NFT Staking Projects

We’re going to focus on staking today, and below are the best projects that can earn you a profit.

Wolf Game

Wolf Game is a play-to-earn game that uses NFTs as in-game tokens. Like many games, you can earn rewards just by playing and you have the option of staking your cryptowolves. Of course, there is more to the game than just staking and earning, there is also a fun community you will belong to and the option to “breed” your wolves.


Decentraland, one of the most popular metaverses (digital worlds) in the NFT space also has the option of staking. If you’re looking to do more than staking to earn money, then we would highly suggest opting for this metaverse if you have the funds. The land parcels, which are NFTs in the game, can be very pricey but used for a variety of purposes including renting.


Sandbox is another metaverse that can be staked. You can use the native tokens, $SAND, to stake to earn and provide liquidity. Sandbox is very cool because it is one of the first projects to offer in-game utility to NFTs.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity constantly makes it onto our lists because it is just too cute! This is another play-to-earn game that has characters that remind us of Pokemon. Players can buy, train, battle and raise the Axies. The native token, AXIS, is what can be used to stake and earn. 


NFTX is not so much a token, but a place where users can create their own ERC-20 tokens and assign value to them. These tokens are referred to as V tokens and can be used to earn passive income in many ones, one of which is staking.


We’re seeing a trend here, where games provide the best NFTs to stake to make passive income. Another one is MOBOX. As a play-to-earn game, MOMOX’s NFTS are referred to as MOMOs, each having “hash power”. When you stake your NFTS, the hash power is what decides your yield, which is earned through $MBOX, the native token.

Fox Federation

Built on the Solana blockchain, Famous Fox Federation is one of its most popular projects and is yet another play-to-earn game. By staking FOX tokens, players can earn $FOXY coins. These coins have utilities, such as exchanging for future NFT drops.  

Band Royalty

Band Royalty focuses on the music community and allows music fans to own the tokens, which are tokenized versions of their favorite tunes, which can give them a share of future proceeds and royalties the songs earn. Pretty cool and innovative, right?


Remember Bored Ape? The very expensive and coveted ape NFT? Well, now you can get CyberKongz, which are little pixelated gorillas. Owning these kongs can give holders $BANANA tokens, which you will earn as a supporter for the next decade! The fiat equivalent of these tokens is about 1:7.

We round out our list with yet another NFT game. Splinterlands is a card game similar to Magic the Gathering in which players own a deck of cards that can be used for battle. The native token is $SPS, also known as Splintershards, which can be used for a variety of purposes including staking.


And there you have it! The best NFTs to stake that make passive income. These are tried and true but there are plenty of projects emerging every day that could also provide staking and other ways of making residual income. NFTs have evolved to be more than just digital collectibles, they can now make you some extra revenue!

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