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March 15, 2022

Best Polygon NFT Marketplace

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are available to buy and sell on select blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum. You can even create your own NFTs on certain blockchains. Today, we’re going to focus on Polygon, which is a layer-two scaling platform for Ethereum dealing in Matic. NFT fees on the Ethereum chain are expensive, but Polygon could provide a solution to that. Let’s take a closer look at the best NFT marketplaces offered on the Polygon blockchain.

NFT Marketplaces Available on Polygon

1. OpenSea

Perhaps the largest and most popular NFT marketplace available right now is OpenSea. One of the largest selling points of OpenSea is the payment options it supports (240 to be exact), and another is the range of NFT types you can find ranging from collectibles to art pieces.

The OpenSea interface is another quality to rave about, as it’s easy to navigate and offers statistics to help you make the best trades, purchases and/or sales. Even if you don’t go for our number one choice, there is no harm in browsing around and checking out what OpenSea offers.


  • Gives royalties
  • No gas fees with the right feature
  • Create, trade, buy and sell
  • Has an iOS app


  • Royalties are not as high as some other platforms

2. NFTrade

NFTrade is our number 2 choice as it directly follows after OpenSea in terms of volume. The platform allows users to create, trade, buy, sell and even farm NFTs across prominent blockchain ecosystems besides Polygon. Perhaps one of the most feature-packed NFT marketplaces on Polygon, users gain access to an NFT Launchpad, escrowed player to player trades, farming, and more.


  • Offers a lot of features
  • Cross-chain and multi-chain support
  • Low fees
  • NFT farming
  • Large and supportive community for pumps


  • Not as big as OpenSea

3. Refinable

If you’re not only looking to buy and sell NFTs, then Refinable is another one of our recommendations for the most options. The platform functioning on the Polygon blockchain can help you create, sell, buy, trade and collect any type of NFT at very low costs and lighting fast speeds.

One of the most prominent backers of the Refinable NFT marketplace is Binance, the most famous cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Create, buy, sell, trade, collect
  • Can use leverage for trades
  • Backed by Binance
  • Uses their own utility token
  • Fast speeds
  • Low cost


  • More benefits users with $FINE

4. PlayDapp

PlayDapp is not just a marketplace, but it’s actually a game portal on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain ecosystems. The platform strives to integrate gamers into the crypto and blockchain world where they can play P2E (play-to-earn) games that result in tokens and NFTs. Essentially, users can have fun while earning at the same time.

PlayDapp has its own token, the PLA token, which is what you will need for transactions on the platform.


  • Works on Polygon and Ethereum
  • Offers P2E games
  • 4 games in total with more in development


  • Not a dedicated marketplace

5. Zesty Market

We then come across Zesty Market, which is on the Polygon blockchain. What’s amazing is that Zesty Market doesn’t sell NFTs in the traditional sense, but it’s actually a monetization platform for NFTs. What we mean is users can open ad spaces to advertisers, which they can then use to create campaigns.

In order to transact on Zesty Market, users would need MetaMask or Coinbase – two digital wallets.


  • Provides monetization options
  • Provides content marketing solutions and CMS
  • Very user-friendly platform


  • You need a digital wallet

6. Treasureland

Like NFTrade, Treasureland is a multi-chain market that works with Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Not unlike many of the platforms that made it onto our list, Treasureland boasts of faster speeds and lower gas fees. What’s also great about Treasureland is you can mint your NFTs directly on the platform.

Like Zesty Market, you will also need a digital wallet but Treasureland supports more than just two.


  • Supports various digital wallets
  • Faster speeds
  • Lower gas fees
  • Mint NFTs
  • Multi-chain market


  • Requires certain cryptocurrencies  


Choosing the right Polygon NFT marketplace goes beyond just compatibility, but also to the gas fees, features, and transaction speeds. Like always, we vetted each platform and ranked them by what they provide so you don’t have to! Just make sure you have the appropriate tokens or digital wallets required by each platform.

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