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April 18, 2022

Best Solana NFT Marketplace

Solana, one of the largest blockchain ecosystems out there, has quite a reach in the NFT market. The prices of the Solana coin went up astronomically back in 2020, which is also a contributor to the popularity of the NFTs minted on the blockchain. Now, Solana has its own NFT marketplace options built on its technology.


Anything that has a high potential value also comes with great risks. Whether you’re new to the NFT space or you’ve been around since its inception, it will pay to know the best NFT marketplaces to trade, sell, or buy Solana NFT projects.


The Best Marketplaces for Solana NFT Projects


First up is Solanart, a Solana NFT marketplace with an average of around 350 daily sales, and with over 650,000 total sales to this day and counting. The site boldly displays its popular NFT collections front and center, with attractive digital art exhibits and top Solana projects such as Bold Badgers, Aurory, SolPunks, and Degenerate (Degen) Ape Academy.


Solanart is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces on the Solana blockchain, and it allows you to quickly sell or buy Solana NFTs you have your eye on. Just connect your digital Solana wallet (Solflare, Sollet, Torus, Ledger, Phantom, Slope, Glow, Clover, Solong, MathWallet, and Coin98) to get started. 


When listing, your NFTs will be stored in a temp account owned by the marketplace program until someone purchases. You will then be transferred the correct amount in SOL. The fees are a little higher at 3% (higher than the typical 2%), so make sure you have enough in your wallet to cover all costs. 


Solanart also provides NFT collection trading stats that help you determine if the NFT is a hot commodity. You can find information and tools such as NFT compatibility and rarity filtering. 



  • A large collection of NFT projects is available
  • Supports almost all Solana wallets
  • A big and popular Solana NFT marketplace
  • Helpful stats
  • Easy to navigate Solana NFT marketplace
  • Has a helpful FAQ section



  • Higher fees



Solsea is the first open NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain technology. The platform also happens to be the first NFT marketplace to embed licenses when they mint (create) their NFTs. This further officiates each NFT and its legitimacy. Solsea currently supports a few wallets, including Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, Slope, Torus, Coin98, and Ledger. 


Solsea is part of and its major selling point is incorporating license embedding into the minting process. Solana NFT marketplaces can sometimes have a higher marketplace fee compared to other blockchains such as Cardano. We see a 3% market fee on Solsea, which is an automatic deduction with every successful NFT sale.


The platform also awards a royalty fee to the creators, which is set by each artist themselves. On the plus side, that is the only marketplace fee you will encounter, but be ready for an additional Solana network fee associated with minting and listing, among others.


  • Only a 3% marketplace fee for each successful NFT sale
  • Offers artists royalties
  • License embedding during minting
  • A large NFT marketplace on Solana with access to plenty of NFT collections
  • Any can list NFTs on the site
  • NFT compatible with SPL tokens
  • Solsea does NFT collection verification
  • Each NFT has a rarity score
  • First Solana NFT marketplace to integrate minting



  • No handpicked art collections sets or algorithmic arts 


Magic Eden

Magic Eden has the highest volumes of transactions to this date compared to many other Solana NFT marketplaces (right around the 8 million SOL mark). We like the layout of the site more than some others, as it lists out all the categories on the left-hand side for easy navigation.


You can explore the NFT collections, take part in the Launchpad, and join the Magic DAO, a community on Magic Eden. There is also a place for NFT auctions and a list of upcoming drops on the Drop Calendar.


Magic Eden supports many Solana wallets including Solflare, Sollet, Torus, Ledger, Phantom, Slope, Clover, Coin98, Solong, MathWallet, and Glow. 


What makes Magic Eden stand out? The games! It offers play-to-earn games that are super fun. Click on the Eden Games to find more. 


  • Magic Eden does not take a listing fee
  • There is only a 2% marketplace transaction fee
  • Royalties are set by the creator
  • Has a Stats section
  • Magic Eden play-to-earn games
  • Access to the Magic Dao community
  • Has a Launchpad to help new creators get started



  • The platform has a learning curve



DigitalEyes is another open marketplace on the Solana blockchain, and it claims to be one of the blockchain’s first ones. As a dedicated NFT art marketplace, you get access to tons of collections that are easily sorted through under the “Explore” tab. DigitalEyes doesn’t support as many Solana wallets as the previous platforms, but it still connects with the major ones such as Sollet, Solfare, and Slope. 


DigitalEyes comes right in between the previous platforms with a 2.5% service fee. Listing and delisting are free, but remember to account for the regular Solana gas prices.


The Solana NFT marketplace helps vet collections to ensure that you are much less likely to get scammed. The requirements include having a minimum of 50 tokens, a Twitter account with over 1000 followers, and a discord server with more than 100 online members.


  • Verifies collections
  • One of the first Solana open NFT marketplace options
  • Supports major wallets
  • 2.5% service fee, which is lower than some
  • Free listing and delisting
  • Has a Launchpad
  • Has a Mint Calendar to keep you in the know about upcoming projects 



  • No open API for querying data 


Alpha art

Users are able to sell and buy Solana’s NFT collections on this marketplace without listing fees. Unfortunately, Alpha Art also doesn’t support many digital wallets, but it does connect with Phantom Wallet, Slope, Solflare, Ledger, and Sollet. To list, just connect your wallet and choose to list any of the NFTs that can be listed on the platform.


Alpha Art made it onto our list for one very unique feature: offers! Collectors will be able to send offers to any NFT on the NFT marketplace whether it has been listed or not. It’s up to the seller to accept or reject your request, but understand that the SOL will be deducted from your wallet first.


Don’t worry, you will get the SOL back if your offer is rejected or if you decide to cancel your offer at any time.


What we also really like about this exchange is it does not charge offer, listing, or unlisting fees, just a flat 2% NFT marketplace seller free. 


  • Excellent Solana NFT project marketplace for offers
  • No offer, listing, or unlisting fees
  • Only 2% seller fee for each successful NFT transaction
  • A leading NFT marketplace on the Solana ecosystem



  • Does not support minting as of now



Exchange.Art is considered more of an art-centered platform. What we mean by that is Exchange.Art either focuses on original 1/1 pieces (meaning there is only 1 of that art piece) or the collection is made up of unique art that is not auto-generated PFP-style art. 


It claims to be the “home of 1/1 NFTs on Solana”, and we’re inclined to agree! You can browse and participate in the auction house, or just explore the digital assets or collections independently. Exchange.Art supports multiple wallets for your NFT ventures such as Solflare, Phantom, Slope, Ledger, Sollet, and much more.


Exchange.Art is also a great place to create your own Solana NFTs easily by creating your own account to get started.


  • Home of 1/1 NFTs on the Solana network
  • Integrated dashboard for artists
  • Supports many crypto wallets
  • The platform offers an Auction House feature
  • No purchasing fees
  • No listing fee 
  • Also has an “offer” feature 



  • More expensive prices for 1/1 NFTs




Milkyway is a much smaller NFT exchange. We also want to give smaller Solana network marketplaces a spotlight. Some of the best NFT marketplaces are the biggest. Milkyway is an NFT marketplace and an aggregator to keep users informed.  


Being a smaller and more unknown marketplace, Milkyway doesn’t support as many wallets as its larger counterparts. It connects to Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, Slope, and Ledger. 


The website works a little slowly, but it’s nice to look at the unique graphics while you’re waiting for the collections to load.


  • Is an NFT aggregator as well as a marketplace
  • Many NFT options for a small platform
  • Connects to major crypto wallets
  • Helps you find all Solana NFTs in one place



  • Slow interface is a decentralized NFT marketplace, which gives more to the people. The transaction speed is one of the reasons chose to build on the Solana blockchain. Solana is also a relatively sustainable network (but not the most), as it doesn’t take much energy per transaction. also has an Auction House feature, which is smart contract-enabled, to execute transactions on the blockchain and to help avoid fake NFTs and scams. 


Sellers of digital art NFTs have to be ready to pay a 2% commission on all successful NFT sales. What’s great about is there are no listing and minting fees! You can create and list your projects for sale without spending as much as you would on another platform.


  • Auction House feature
  • Only 2% commission charged to the seller
  • No minting or listing fees
  • Fast transactions
  • The offeror can cancel or update offers



  • Refunds on NFTs are not possible 




Our list includes another small but mighty Solana NFT marketplace: SolShop. The simplicity and ease of use are clear when we navigate the platform. You can choose to explore what’s offered on the site, or narrow down your options and only browse the verified (and safer) options.


Although it’s a smaller Solana NFT marketplace, SolShop does support quite a few wallets including Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, and Torus. Everyone needs to start somewhere, so the SolShop marketplace fees are on the higher end at 3%. The small exchange is still in its beta stage, so it takes user feedback very seriously. You can even leave comments and insights that the founders will take into consideration!


  • Buyer and Creator-centric marketplace
  • Takes user feedback seriously
  • Supported wallets include Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, and Torus



  • Still small and developing



What’s cool about this Solana NFT marketplace is you can create your own branded storefronts. We’ve come so far from the first NFT exchange that we can now open our own NFT stores. The Megaplex storefront is connected to what’s called a decentralized on-chain app that mints and sells NFTs.  


If you’re wondering about the legitimacy of Metaplex, we can put all your worries to rest because some of the most well-known Solana-based NFTs like Solana Monkey Business and Degenerate Ape Academy actually got their start on this platform. 


  • Create your own storefront
  • Backed by large companies and celebrities
  • No additional fees and middle party 



  • New concept



Solana has one of the largest NFT presences in the crypto space today, which is why it isn’t difficult to find marketplaces that support its NFTs. Solana NFT marketplaces are home to top projects such as Realm Kings, Meta Waifus, Galactic Gecko Space Garage, Degenerate Ape Academy, and Solana Monkey Business to name a few. Which ones can you trust, and which ones take the lowest transaction fee? We have found the best options to help you select one that has the features you need. 


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