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April 18, 2022

Best Tezos NFT Marketplace - Safe and Secure Options

A large open-source blockchain ecosystem, Tezos now also supports smart contracts for secure transactions. It is decentralized, so much of the decision-making falls on the network users. As more and more people build marketplaces and NFTs on the system, Tezos’s reach will also expand. Get in on the ground floor with Tezos NFT marketplaces to potentially make some high returns and gain some valuable collectibles.

Which NFT marketplaces are trustworthy in such a new space? Let’s find out.

Best NFT Marketplaces for Tezos NFTs



Objkt prides itself on simplicity for NFT artists and collectors alike. Anyone can list on the platform, so it’s not an exclusive NFT marketplace. Buyers can also send artists offers, which they can then accept or reject.

NFT art on Objkt is listed at set prices or auctioned off to the highest bidder. Since the Tezos blockchain has smart contract security, they apply to your transactions as well, including offers.

No matter what you’re on the website for, buying, selling, listing, or auctioning Tezos NFTs will incur a 2.5% fee for every successful transaction. Like most NFT marketplaces, this particular Tezos blockchain marketplace also awards royalties to the NFT creators, but the specific price isn’t listed on the site.

Objkt supports many crypto wallets such as Spire and Temple Wallet among others, so you have a variety of options for wallet connection.


  • Highest bid auction-style and price drop auction

  • Supports many digital wallets

  • The NFT marketplace charges a 2.5% flat fee for successful transactions

  • Awards royalties

  • English auction and Dutch auction

  • Smart contract protection and speed


  • Very basic interface

Hic et Nunc

The Hic et Nunc marketplace isn’t the most user-friendly, but nonetheless, it’s one of the most popular Tezos NFT marketplaces. The site saw heavy foot traffic in 2021, the year of its inception, from those who wanted to mint and create non-fungible tokens on the Tezos blockchain, and not without reason.

Hic et Nunc is a cheaper NFT marketplace than those that run on Ethereum digital currency, but the same can be said about Cardano and Polygon NFT marketplaces. Aside from the low free draw, it also protects your privacy and has proof-of-stake algorithms.

It’s so important to know which the best NFT marketplace options are because Hic et Nunc was taken down by the creator suddenly in November, which would have left artists and collectors who are determined to stay on the Tezos blockchain without many options.

However, the community took matters into their own hands and the Hic et Nunc marketplace is now up and running again.


  • Very cheap

  • 10% to 25% royalty fees for secondary sales

  • Access to various types of NFTs

  • Proof-of-stake algorithms


  • One of the most difficult to use NFT platforms



More of the population is aware of their carbon footprints and where they choose to spend their money. Companies now advertise carbon offsets for more guilt-free transactions. Bazaar on the Tezos blockchain is a carbon-negative NFT marketplace, which works with Team Trees.

NFTs on the platform will automatically offset carbon emissions directly from the marketplace transaction fees during the minting process. The platform supports the Temple Wallet, Spire, Galleon, and Kukai crypto wallets and features VIP/charity drops, which are drops of NFTs the community selects. These happen once a month.

Bazaar is one of the first NFT marketplaces on the Tezos blockchain that is working hard to promote valuable causes with its Bazaar Experiment function, which brings awareness to charitable endeavors.


  • Special VIP/charity drops

  • Decentralized governance token bDAO

  • Bazaar Experiment feature

  • Supports a variety of crypto wallet choices

  • 2.5% transaction fee

  • Fixed price sales or auctions

  • Carbon offset NFTs

  • Low energy consumption on Tezos


  • Only 30MB max file size as of now to mint NFTs

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ByteBlock is in its beta version, and as of now, it supports secondary sales for Objkt’s NFTs. The platform fee is very low at only 1% (without including gas fees), and it focuses more on East Asia and India.

We feel that ByteBlock is a great place for independent artists that are not yet familiar with the digital world of NFTs. It’s an open platform that serves as a very useful bridge to get said artists acquainted with the ins and outs and start selling their digital asset.

The platform supports the Spire, Galleon, Temple and Kukai wallet. Currently, there isn’t a clear registration process, but ByteBlock is working to incorporate user verification in the future in order to prevent copy minting.


  • Very low platform fee

  • Lazy auction function

  • Offers artists free XTZ to mint NFTs

  • Working to incorporate user verification

  • Supports Objkt’s secondary sales

  • Offers gas rebates


  • You cannot change the title, description, or tags once an NFT is minted


Minterpop NFTs are secure and eco-friendly, targeting both NFT experts and those who are beginning to test out the NFT market. The NFTs on Minterpop have a very distinct style, one that’s very comics NFTs with a splash of culture.

You can directly get in touch with your favorite artists to purchase their creations. The platform awards creators with perpetual royalties that are applied to every secondary sale. It’s quite easy to buy NFTs on the platform, but like many other NFT marketplaces on Tezos, artists have to go through a vetting process.

We get it because there are plenty of world-renowned artists on the platform. Acquiring their pieces as your own digital assets will definitely be a talking point. Other than listing, Minterpop can also help with minting NFTs.


  • Easy process

  • A unique type of NFT digital art

  • Perpetual royalties on if NFTs sell on the secondary market

  • Eco-friendly and secure


  • Only supports the Kukai wallet

KalamintAnother very popular NFT marketplace in the Tezos ecosystem is Kalamint. It’s still in its beta stage, but you can find photography, art, and collectible NFTs on Kalamint. Anyone can buy on the platform—all you need is a compatible wallet (Temple Wallet, Spire, Galleon, and Kukai wallet). However, to be a creator, there is an application process to list and mint your non-fungible tokens.

Drops and auctions heighten the excitement for collectors, or you can opt to browse what Kalamint offers via the regular “explore” function. Just a quick browse will show that the platform does have many NFT artworks (over 22,000 to be exact), so you will have no problem finding one that’s unique.

Exploring the interface will also show that it is quite basic but straightforward, and we think if it included helpful tools such as NFT stats, it would provide users with more value.


  • Features drops and auctions

  • Excellent for new artists

  • Various types of NFTs

  • Supports many digital wallets

  • Distributes native tokens as an incentive to buyers, sellers, and minters


  • The platform can use more features and support


Muralis is an experimental platform that is undertaking quite a different approach to NFT sales. It’s a pretty cool concept where users are buying bits of a larger NFT, or mural. As an exclusive NFT platform for murals, there are 10,000 blocks to be minted, and users collect each piece of the mural (which is of different sizes) until all 10,000 blocks have been minted.

Once the mural is complete, the NFT is ready to sell on Hic et Nunc. Murals start off as blank pieces and each portion that’s minted will show up on the public board (as you can see above). You will know the entire mural is bought up when there are no more blank spaces. Once sold, the profit is then split between the Muralis and Hic et Nunc communities.


  • Really cool concept that’s still relatively new to the NFT space

  • Works together with Hic et Nunc

  • This type of project profits many


  • Still in the experimental stage and considered a new marketplace


FXhash has a standard marketplace, but what makes it really stand out is the Sandbox feature (different from the metaverse made famous by Snoop Dogg). The Sandbox on FXhash is a trial run of your project. You can upload a .zip file of your project to see how it will be after it’s minted.

The site puts emphasis on generative tokens, which are the opposite of hand-drawn NFTs. Generative NFT tokens are ones created with computer programs and are something other marketplaces don’t necessarily provide .

Another great thing about the FXhash platform is its customizable royalties for when your NFT tokens are successfully sold on a secondary market.

The platform is currently coming out of Beta soon, and the fees may change, but for now, there is a 2.5% minting fee. Out of all the marketplaces we have seen so far, FXhash supports the most crypto wallets including Spire, Temple, Galleon, Kukai wallet, Naan and Umami among others.


  • Collect generative NFTs

  • Trial minting with Sandbox

  • Has helpful guides dedicated to sellers and creators

  • Supports many wallets


  • Beta website design isn’t the most professional


Versum is perhaps one of the most authentic, transparent and best platforms for Tezos NFTs. The NFTs you see displayed when entering the homepage are decided by community likes. What this means is the marketplace reflects community engagement above sponsorships. In other words, your art speaks for itself.

While verification for artists can be quite a pain sometimes depending on the platform, it does add a layer of security and authenticity for those looking to purchase the NFTs. Artists will have to go through a vetting process on Versum.

As for ease of use, Versum supports many wallets and has one of the most helpful FAQ sections we have seen on any NFT platform.


  • Focuses on scalability

  • Will support generative NFTs soon

  • NFT tokens are displayed in accordance with community likes

  • Connects to a variety of digital wallets

  • Very detailed FAQ section


  • Elementary website design


A marketplace for Tezos NFTs can support the needs of both artists and collectors. You can create NFT tokens, sell them for either for a set price or for auction, trade NFTs and maybe even collaborate with other collectors to complete a mural.

Whatever it is you are seeking to do, buying and selling NFTs are safer with smart contract transactions. A marketplace that supports smart contracts and a variety of digital wallets will be our top recommendation, as many of the exchanges on our list do.

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