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Art Blocks
December 6, 2021

The New Art Trend?

When we say generative art, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the abstract artworks with a whole techno vibe.

And you’re right. They’re these trippy artworks that look so complicated. But you — yes, YOU — can do them in 10 minutes!

What Is Generative Art, Exactly?

It’s a visual art genre where artists can generate a process or system in creating the output. As the name suggests, it’s an art that’s generated.

Creators use non-human, digital programs with codes to form shapes and visuals systematically. 

And with a few clicks, you can multiply, distort, and combine elements to come up with random and abstract-looking outputs. 

Generative Art NFT

It’s not that complicated. Now that you know what Generative Art is, look at it in the context of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

Because they’re easy to make, digital artists often produce multiple ones in one go and mint them as NFTs. They then put it up for bidding.

You’d be surprised (or not) to know that this genre is a hit on NFT marketplaces. And understandably so, since visually, they’re appealing. 

And to some, they see generative art in a more political light, saying it challenges how our world values and recognizes art and encourages us to assess how things work. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

We’re pretty confident that you know how NFTs work at this point. But for those who don’t, we’ll explain it briefly. Else, the following parts of this article will be confusing. 

NFTs are tokens embedded in the Ethereum blockchain system. They’re usually digital artworks, video clips, or images that creators flip, buy, and sell as investments. 

That said, you can probably understand how generative art enters the picture. 

Instead of randomly grabbing digital files on the web, artists can create their original artworks. But not traditionally — in a digital, techno way.

How Do You Create Generative Art? 

It’s not with pen and paper, and it’s not with paint. And most definitely, it’s not contemporary art using piss. Nothing personal against that, though. 

It’s through digital software programs!

An example would be Processing. But note that this isn’t the only program — there is a lot of other software out there. 


Processing has been a long-time visual tool. They were initially a sketchbook that turned into a programming software and a free development tool now

You use functions and codes to generate elements. 

And from a blank canvas, you can form shapes, move them around, and create something incredible.

If you need a step-by-step process, Daniel Simu’s Youtube video will surely be helpful. 

Art Blocks 

Art Blocks, on the other hand, is a marketplace or platform where you can curate artworks.

Art Blocks


Here, artists can upload their collections, and people can have them minted as NFTs. 

If you’re unfamiliar with minting, it’s the process of marking your ownership on that digital art form.

Even if you only grabbed a photo from the internet, you can mint that, and in the blockchain, you’re technically the owner already. 

Art Blocks: Curated

In this part of the platform, most artworks undergo a strict approval process. You can expect the value to be high, but rest assured that it’s of top-notch quality. 

It’s not easy to upload collections that pass the curated standards.

Art Blocks: Playground

The Playground is where previously approved artists can upload new collections freely.

Though the approving body isn’t Art Blocks anymore, they’re still acknowledged by other artists or already have a small number of followers — which also bumps up their worth.  

Art Blocks: Factory

For new artists, don’t be intimidated. The Factory has less strict guidelines, and you can experiment freely with other new flippers. 

Final Words

There are various ways to participate in the new Generative Art NFT genre. But our enthusiasts here suggest starting with common platforms like what we’ve mentioned above. 

Who knows, you may be the next headline who earned billions with your digital art career in the NFT world.

Good luck!






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