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October 23, 2022

How to Add an NFT to MetaMask - Importing Your NFTs Easily in a Few Steps

MetaMask is perhaps the most trusted NFT wallet out there. It’s pretty easy to use if you understand the concept of IDs, smart contracts, and security. However, if you don’t, we’ve got you covered. From using the browser to the mobile app, we have a step-by-step guide ready to go!

The MetaMask Extension VS Mobile


You can use both the MetaMask browser extension or the mobile app, but there are differences. If you choose to go via extension, you won’t need to import your wallet like you would on the mobile app. To do so, you need to use your secret recovery phrase. 

You can add NFT tokens to both versions of MetaMask, but understand that you cannot view it on the browser extension as there is no user interface as of now.

How to Add Your NFT to the MetaMask Wallet

Let’s start with the simple guide for adding an NFT to the MetaMask app.

• Step #1: Download MetaMask

Start by downloading the MetaMask app to your phone. There are versions compatible with iOS and Android devices, so just type “MetaMask” into the App Store or Play Store search bar. Find the app with a fox icon and hit download.

• Step #2: Set Up Your Account

Once you see the app on your phone, it’s time to set up your account. It’s pretty easy, just enter your information and follow the instructions.

• Step #3: Look for the Smart Contract Address

Next, you need to find the smart contract address for your NFT. If you purchased your NFT on OpenSea, which is the largest NFT marketplace, then you can find the smart contract address by clicking “details” on your NFT on the OpenSea platform.

The address is displayed as a hyperlink. Once you click it, a dropdown menu will appear with the information you need. Copy the address.

• Step #4: Add Your NFT

Head back to your mobile app and click “add NFT”. It will ask you for the smart contract address, so paste it into the box and follow the subsequent instructions to add your token.

• Step #5: Locate the NFT’s ID

MetaMask will then ask for your NFT’s ID. The smart contract address is what has the details of your transaction, but the NFT ID is what differentiates your token from another. All NFTs are unique, so they each have different IDs. 

You can find this in the same “details” section of your NFT on OpenSea.

• Step #6: Paste NFT Address and ID

Once you have found the NFT ID, head back to MetaMask and paste it into the NFT ID box. Hit “add” and you’re done!

Adding NFTs from the Browser Extension

How do you add an NFT to MetaMask from the browser extension? Let’s find out.

Look on the top right-hand corner of your browser where you should see the MetaMask fox icon. Click on it and hit the “assets” tab. 

Click “import tokens”, then hit the “custom token” tab, obtain the smart contract address as you did above, and paste it into the text box. You won’t need to fill in the “token symbol” box because MetaMask will automatically extract that info.

Put a “0” into the “token decimal” field and then hit “add custom token”. Check over the info and if everything is good, click “import tokens”. 

Viewing Your NFTs in MetaMask

Metamask is very handy and allows you to view all your NFTs – on the mobile app. You can find them under the “collectibles” tab.

Issues With NFT Transfer

With such new technology, it is very possible that you may hit some snags along the way during your transfers. One of the most common reasons your NFT is unable to load is that it is under a different token standard. If OpenSea details the standard as ERC-1155, then understand that you will not be able to view it or manage it, but your wallet can still store it.

Why Do I Have a Random NFT in My Wallet? + What to Do

If you didn’t go through any steps to add an NFT to MetaMask but you see a new one appear in your wallet, it could be due to airdropping. Yes, airdropping is possible with some Ethereum wallets and it works in the same way as an apple device would airdrop something. 

Lots of new NFT projects will gift free NFTs this way to generate hype and promote their collection, but it could also be due to phishing scams. If you don’t know where the NFT came from, we advise you to exercise caution.

Keep your information safe, and NEVER give out your secret recovery phrase (that gives strangers access to all your assets). So, what do you do with the random NFT? It’s best to just leave it than to take action, because it’s usually when you try to deal with it that something happens.


• Why can’t I locate the secret backup phrase?

The secret backup phrase is a backup way to gain access to your wallet. Are you looking in the right place? You should head into the “settings” page in your wallet, go to the “security” section, tap the “backup phrase” and keep it safe somewhere.


Keeping your NFTs in a safe wallet such as MetaMask is advised to keep your assets secure. You can import your NFTs into the MetaMask mobile app or the browser app. Keep in mind that you will not be able to view your NFTs on the browser, but you can on mobile. We suggest downloading and using both for convenience. 

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