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October 23, 2022

How to Buy NFTs on Your Phone - OpenSea, NFT Launchpad, & More

You don’t need a desktop or a laptop to conduct crypto and NFT transactions, because all you need is your phone! It’s safe if you follow the right steps and buy from trusted websites. Which ones are secure and how do you buy NFTs on your phone? The steps are much simpler than you think! Let’s find out how.

Where Can I Buy NFTs on My Phone?

You have to find trustworthy sites or your information could be hacked. After all, the NFT world is still relatively unregulated. Some trusted sites are:

How to Purchase NFTs on Your Phone

• Step #1: Open Your Chosen NFT on the App

Download and open the NFT app you choose. If the platform you want doesn’t have a downloadable app, there is a chance you can access it straight from the desktop site on your phone browser. Look around and find the NFT you want to purchase. Once you find one to your liking, tap on it and click the “buy” button.

• Step #2: Connect Your Wallet

Before your transaction can go through, you have to connect your crypto wallet to the app. It’s important to pick a platform that supports the wallet you already have, or you can just download the compatible one after you pick the platform. 

Follow the steps within the app to connect your wallet.

• Step #3: Verify the Purchase Details

Once everything is connected, double-check the purchase details before you confirm them. Make sure the price and the NFT are correct. There is a chance that the gas fees are more expensive than you thought they would be. This usually happens if you choose to transact during peak hours where many people are trying to buy and sell.

• Step #4: Buy the NFT

Depending on the platform you pick, you may have to complete further steps before the purchase is complete. Or your purchase will be confirmed right after you click buy. 

• Step #5: Confirm Wallet Transaction

You will most likely be redirected to the purchase platform where you will receive a confirmation for your purchase. If you didn’t, don’t panic just yet, we can check on your new NFT to see if you have received it.

Depending on the blockchain where your NFT is and the time of day, the transaction could take a while. This usually happens during peak hours when many people are engaging in NFT dealings.

• Step #6: Check Your New NFT

Head into your wallet to see if your NFT shows up. Remember that it could take a while sometimes a couple of hours! It all depends on the network congestion. However, if you are afraid that your NFT is lost, you can try to contact customer service for your NFT wallet or the purchase platform.


• Can you make NFTs on the OpenSea app?

Yes, you can make NFTs on the OpenSea app. It’s easier to do it on a desktop but all you need to do is click the “create” tab. You will be led to a separate page where you can upload your NFT file, customize the info and then make further changes before creating your NFT.

• Is buying NFTs on phone safe?

Yes, buying NFTs on a phone is safe. However, it’s important to understand that there is still a risk, as with any purchases you make online. Only pick trustworthy and reputable platforms and wallets, keep your information private and never share your secret phrase and true identity online.


NFTs are getting more accessible and now you can browse new collections and buy the ones you like straight from the palm of your hand. Is it safe? Yes! But you must pick trustworthy platforms and know how to keep your secret phrase and identity private. The apps we mentioned all have a stellar reputation and are great places to start.

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