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Punk Variety
June 24, 2022

How to Make a CryptoPunk: What You Need to Know

CryptoPunks is a record-breaking NFT collection on the blockchain ecosystem using an Ethereum contract. Some of them have sold for multi-millions. The collection from Larva Labs is not unique to them, and you can create your own NFT (non-fungible token) punk in one of two ways. But before you think about how to make a CryptoPunk, you have to understand the potential value first.

What are CryptoPunks and Why Create Them?

Punk Variety

As said, a CryptoPunk is an NFT token created on the Ethereum network created by Matt Hall and John Watkinson, the founders of Larva Labs. There were 10,000 upon release and were all quickly claimed by buyers. They are record-breaking NFTs and are the turning point for NFT and crypto consolidation. The CryptoPunks are pixelated images of punky-looking guys inspired by the London punk scene that can have various attributes.

You may see non-fungible tokens that sport buck teeth, facial hair, accessories, and various skin tones. You can find apes, regular men and women punks, zombies and even the odd alien here and there. 

You will also notice punks with different background colors. A blue background signifies a punk that isn’t for sale and does not have any current bids. A purple background means the punk has an active bid, and a red background means the punk is being sold by the owner.

One of the biggest reasons to create a CryptoPunk is the potential profit it can bring. Owning this digital artwork can also be a flex and status symbol. The CryptoPunks image is widely recognized. Of course, the project is also a symbol of historic relevance to the development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

If you can create your own NFT like CryptoPunks, there is a chance that your token can also be worth a lot in the future. Do you need to know the more technical details of NFT minting? Do you need to have a written code on the blockchain to buy and sell these Punks? It’s not that difficult and we’ll help you figure it out. 

The Future of CryptoPunks 

CryptoPunks was created in 2017, and it is only a few years old. Even then, the NFT token has become legendary in the crypto NFT space. There are a ton of projects coming out with unique NFT artwork, and even NFT game tokens. Art for NFTs can be almost anything, from photography NFTs to non-fungible tokens in the form of land parcels (digital land). Knowing this, will the CryptoPunk collection get lost to time? Is it still worth it to own or create your very own Punk?

CryptoPunks are almost untouchable due to their place in crypto and NFT history at this point, so we believe they are still good investments. Not to mention, it’s pretty cool if you own one as it is a piece of unique art with proof of ownership stored forever on the blockchain. 

For now, there is no telling the future of the CryptoPunks, but we do believe that there is no limit to its development, which includes strides in the digital marketing world.

How to Create CryptoPunks

Now we finally get into how to make one of these Punks or something like them for yourself.

• Step #1: Choose an Artwork to Sell

You can easily make pixelated artwork like that of CryptoPunk using an app. Choose the size you what your NFT like CryptoPunks to be and then pick facial features and attributes. You can have Punks with no attributes or model your project after CryptoPunks and have one that has seven attributes – the choice is yours. 

Each facial element on these digital collectibles is done via layers. The first layer is the face, then the eyes, etc. You will then need to export the images so make sure they are executed properly via PNG format.

You will need to create different directories for each element of the NFT token. You then combine all of the elements together to create the full token via coding.

The actual images can be derived from a specific Punk, and you can just change the facial attributes, or you can have rarer types mixed in like CryptoPunks the original. 

• Step #2: Prepare Some Ether

You then need Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, or Ether, to fund the creation of your NFT project. If you are choosing the Ethereum blockchain technology to sell Punks, then you may already know that the gas fee (transaction fee) can be astronomical, but there isn’t really a way around that other than minting at times when less people are pushing through transactions, going with the Eth layer two solution of Polygon, or enlisting the services of a development company. 

Get yourself an Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask, get an Ethereum account, and purchase Eth on a crypto exchange with fiat to fund it. MetaMask is the primary digital wallet for Ethereum, and you will need a chrome browser plugin to use it conveniently with the market.

• Step #3: Choose a Marketplace


The next step is to choose a marketplace to list your own NFTs. We suggest OpenSea, as it is the largest and supports multiple chains such as Ethereum and Solana. There are also NFT marketplace platforms that do not charge a minting fee, which is referred to as lazy minting.

Keep in mind that the marketplace you choose to list, sell, buy and create NFT collections on will need to support your blockchain of choice. You also  need to make sure your wallet is also compatible with the blockchain and marketplace.

To understand how much crypto you need to fund your non-fungible token project, we would suggest looking at the services provided by the market, and all the transaction fees included. Also look at whether you can set royalty fees for secondary sales, and a suitable list price for your NFT. A way to do this is to use resources, and look at the statistics and market value for collections similar to yours. You can also watch CryptoPunks the original collection and get a gauge from there.

But because all the Punks in the original collection have a history, they are definitely going to go for higher prices than your beginner project. 

• Step #4: Mint Your NFT

You can then start to mint your NFT project. As said, there are platforms that have all the systems built in so you can sell Punks directly on the marketplace after minting. We would choose platforms that have lazy minting so you can save on some of the upfront costs, because they get offloaded to the buyer. Once your NFT is minted you can start trading.

• Step #5: Start Trading

Trading starts with listing your NFT like CryptoPunks up on the marketplace. It would serve you well to pump and promote your art so it sells out more quickly. Join a Discord chat, create your own profile page on Instagram and showcasing your art there with hashtags, and so on. Social media platforms are a great way to showcase your project. You can also choose to list your NFT project on sites, like NFT Drops for more exposure. 

CryptoPunk Generator

There are also a lot of free generators out there for NFTs like CryptoPunks. You can find one on Figma, whose CEO owns one of the most expensive Punks on record, or find other ones online. 

Once you use the generator and the platform releases it onto the blockchain, understand that the art become permanently embedded on the chain and can no longer be altered or modified, so make sure you are absolutely sure about the design.

There are no two generated images that are alike, and each one can be officially owned by an NFT enthusiast. 


People are curious about how to make a CryptoPunk because of the roaring success of the original collection. While you can’t make something exactly the same, because most digital art have to be unique, you can create ones that are similar. You can either use a generator or start from scratch and create your own.

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