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June 22, 2022

How to Promote NFT Art: Top Tips for Emerging Artists

There are plenty of supporters from both sides of the coin for digital art, the ones who buy and the ones who sell. If you’re looking to create your own NFT collection, then you should know that the promotion falls entirely on your shoulders (unless you have decent connections within the NFT community). How do you promote NFT art successfully? Let’s find out.

How to Promote Your NFT Art

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) gain exposure in the space with the moves you make. You and other artists are responsible for your own NFT artwork marketing with the help of others in the NFT space if you have made solid connections. Let’s take a look at what you can do on your end to ensure successful crypto art sales.

#1: Build a Brand

The first and most important thing is to build a brand. You need to create a brand for NFT collectors to see, so they understand what your project is about. Make sure you have a wide digital footprint that spans popular social media sites. While it may not always be true, people instinctively think a brand with a website, social media pages, and a professional and very visual platform is more legit.

• Create a Youtube Channel/Instagram Account


Speaking of social media sites, big ones include YouTube and Instagram. Twitter is also a big one for all the latest crypto news and community engagement. Some people are interactive learners and like to feel more interaction, which is why streaming or uploading how-to and explanation videos on YouTube about your NFT projects can be a very effective form of NFT marketing. 

Other NFT collectors may want a direct view of your art, and what better way to do that than to showcase it on Instagram? Many artists have taken advantage of Instagram’s hashtags to get their projects to the forefront and gain more exposure. 

• Create a Website

Somehow, a project with its own website just seems more legitimate, even for completely new NFT projects. What’s great about building your own website is you have full control over the self-promotion aspect and the image you want to project. While Twitter works wonders when it comes to getting your project out there, nothing gives you creative freedom like a website.

We would also suggest creating a blog section that is dedicated to announcements, new drops, future launches, etc, with each blog post.

• Build an Email List

For something as forward-thinking and innovative as NFTs, mentioning using email lists seems a bit outdated and old-fashinoned – but hear us out. Sometimes the most basic method is the most effective, and email lists can still work.

When you have a comprehensive email list, you can try to craft valuable newsletters every month to your subscribers that offer knowledge as well as soft sells.

• Create a Discord Server


Aside from Twitter, Discord is another channel to make your way into the space and to become a recognized artist. You can create a discord server or be present in existing Discord channels that are relevant to your project. It is the unofficial social platform for NFT artists. 

The NFT market welcomes new artists all the time and is a great way to promote NFTs because you can mingle in the different channels, make connections, support other artists and offer your assistance.

• Connect on Reddit


Reddit is also a good way to spread the word about NFT collections or separate artworks. You can get honest opinions on the Reddit forums, drop hints and get the latest on NFT drops.

#2: Connect With Online Creators

We mentioned that a good way to get your name out there in the NFT world is to rely on the help of others. You would be surprised how kind and supportive the community is in certain blockchains such as Cardano and Algorand

Establishing yourself as a presence in the right social media spaces and participating in discussions is a great way to connect with others in the NFT industry. You can also enlist the help of influencers and rely on word-of-mouth advertising the old-fashioned way.

• Influencers

Influencers, people with a lot of pull in the NFT industry, can really help promote your NFT artwork. If you go with Instagram influencers or YouTube influencers, then you may have to offer something in return such as payment in fiat or crypto, or a free NFT from your collection.

Read more: NFT Influencers

• Connect with Your Audience

Connect with who you are trying to sell to, your demographic and audience and be available for questions. Be responsive to messages and maybe even consider working with another NFT artist. If the digital artist is more established, you can leverage their fanbase to get people interested in what you have to offer.

Host and participate in AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions

#3: Sell and Market

Now that you have eyes on your project, what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition? To really sell your collection and provide an incentive for purchase, you have to put in some face time and offer perks.

• Advertising

Depending on what avenue you chose above to build your brand and connect with others, there are certain advertising tactics you can use. For example, pay for banners on other artists’ websites for promoting your NFT. Pay for Facebook, Instagram and other ads. The more ways you connect with the community, the more channels you have to promote your art. 

• PR Activities

PR is very important for any project. We would rely on incentives, because it is what we have seen with the most success. Incentives include free giveaways, perks with purchase, and traditional PR avenues.

Order a promotional article on your collection, list your artwork on sites such as NFT Drops, and do what you can to make your project stand out.

If your collection is for a cause, such as donations to charity, make sure you mention that. It’s not to take advantage of the cause or to attach their name to your project for exposure, but because people genuinely like and want to know what the NFT is supporting. If it is a cause close to their hearts, you would be surprised by the amount of support you get and how quickly word can spread.

• Attend Conferences and Events

It may have been more difficult during the global pandemic (which was when many people started turning to crypto and NFTs) to meet up, host, and attend conferences and events, but now it’s possible in most places.

You want people to be invested in your project, and a lot of that can come from showing up and putting in face time. Blockchain supporters in many cities will host events and meetups for the locals that are invested in the same blockchain to get together and exchange information, and advice and just mingle and show support. 

When you have decided which blockchain ecosystem to build on such as Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Algorand, then you can start looking into events in your vicinity. 

What to Avoid

There is plenty of things and advice we gave about how to promote NFT art, but there are also some things you should avoid in order to be successful and to make the promoting process as stress-free as possible.

• Being Impatient

Patience is a virtue, and it is very true when it comes to promoting your NFT project. Impatience can cause errors in promotion and advertising. For example, you may be in a rush to sell your pieces and in your haste, you over-promote, and your collection is showing up everywhere and reaching a million audience members. 

Over-exposure can be a bad thing and there is a difference between pushing your collection to your audience and having a project that is widely shared because it speaks to many people. The former can create a negative impact while the latter is one that’s organic and authentic.

Impatience can also cause you to blatantly self-promote on Twitter, which can be annoying to other artists and buyers. It’s okay to give all the details about your work, but in the crypto world, artists help each other rather than just focus on their own projects. It could leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Another side effect of impatience is quitting. Just because you aren’t making splashes in the industry within the first month, it doesn’t mean you won’t in the long run. Before creators can have a very anticipated NFT drop, months of work need to be put in first of tireless online presence, support in the community, and research to understand the current market.

• Neglecting Copyright Laws

Then there is the issue of copyright laws. Your art should not resemble another artist’s and it should be as unique as possible. Copying someone else’s intellectual property is frowned upon in any creative industry and if you are exposed, the damage to your brand can be irreparable.

How to Promote NFT Art on Opensea or Other Marketplaces? 


The go-to platform for selling NFT art is OpenSea. It is the largest of all NFT marketplaces and a great place to exhibit work. However, the downside is it only supports NFTs built on certain chains. Dont worry, because there are other NFT marketplaces that support other blockchains. 

While actual promotion may not be done on some of the marketplaces, you can take advantage of their social media. For example, enable share links on Facebook so others can share the news of your project, tag the marketplaces on Instagram via hashtags, and some marketplaces may list your collection in their future launch section. 

However, it’s important to note that the real work is done by you off of the marketplace and on other platforms. 

How to Get Your Art Noticed on Twitter or Instagram?

Twitter and Instagram are big for NFT promotions, but how do you use them properly so your art doesn’t fade into the background and get drowned in other hashtags? People forget easily, so you have to make sure your art is always present.

For Instagram, the key is hashtags, but not too many or you risk being shadowbanned. Shadowbanned means Instagram has made it so your content doesn’t reach people unless they actively search for you. Look at what others in the industry are doing, research what the popular hashtags are that correspond with your project, and post during peak times.

As for Twitter, they also use hashtags but Twitter offers spaces, which are live chatrooms where people can get together and hold a meeting to talk about any topic. These spaces will have creators and collectors, and the exposure for artists helps get the word out there faster than other social media channels. 


• How do I make my NFT popular?

You can make your NFT popular by establishing a digital presence on social media sites. Engage with the community, share the vision behind your art, connect with others, and support people in the space. Word-of-mouth and traditional marketing tactics can also boost exposure.

• How do I market an NFT collection?

You can market an NFT collection by listing them on relevant sites, using influencers in the crypto arena to help, and resort to email marketing, paid ads, PR activities, and incentives to connect with your audience. Being present within the community will also give you more exposure

• How can I promote NFT art for free?

You can promote NFT art for free by relying on the help of others. Other creators and collectors will help you spread the word if you have been a pillar of assistance within the space. It’s a two-way street, but those invested in NFTs are very eager to help. 

• How do I promote NFT on Instagram?

You can promote your NFTs on Instagram by leveraging hashtags, paid ads, and posts by influencers. However, it’s important to not overdo promotions on Instagram or you risk being shadowbanned. You can also try paid promotions and post during peak times when there is more traffic. 


Promoting NFT art is a big responsibility and one that you mainly have to shoulder yourself. However, once you have established a stable presence in the digital community, things will come easier. It can take a while to get from the beginning to when you are a respected member of the NFT crypto arena, but remember to always be patient.  

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