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June 23, 2022

Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunk Ever Sold (2022)

CryptoPunks was initially released in 2017 by Larva Labs, before their competitors on the same Ethereum blockchain, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). It can be said that these non-fungible tokens paved the way for their ape counterparts. There is a total of 10,000 of these expensive NFTs each with different attributes. Let’s see how much the most expensive CryptoPunk is at the top of the list. 

#10: CryptoPunk 3831


We are going to start from the bottom up, so our first CryptoPunk comes in at number 10. Just looking at this pixelated image brings back memories of the global pandemic, which may also be why it sold for the most recent sale price of a whopping $2.08 million at the end of June 2021. Punk 3831 is a rarer zombie punk, which explains the green skin. 

Only 88 out of the 10,000 are zombies and 4501 of them share the same attributes as our number ten, which are zombie hair, a medical face mask, and cool purple sunglasses. Only a few hundred of these expensive CryptoPunks share these attributes, which makes them even rarer. 

Spoiler alert, all of the expensive CryptoPunks on our list break the million mark, so you can only imagine the dollars some owners are making on the secondary market.

#9: CryptoPunk 7252


The next one is CryptoPunk 7252. This one sold not long after our number 10, in August of 2021 for $2.53 million dollars. It’s clear that CryptoPunk 7252 is also from the zombie collection as the green-tinged skin gives it away. 

The features on this one include a gold earring, which can be difficult to make out as it’s just a pixel in this pixelated image, and a chin strap that doesn’t match its bright red hair, which 414 other characters also have. The earring is quite common but the chinstrap is only shared by 282 other Punks.

The buyer of this particular CryptoPunk owns 36 of them!

#8: CryptoPunk 8888


The next one is very lucky number 8888, which is a human female punk. The female gender is very rare in the entire collection with only 3840 to acquire. Not only is this female punk rare already, but it also has two defining attributes that aren’t commonly seen – the eye mask and the red mohawk. 

You can see that this one is a female by the shape of her face, which seems to be slenderer and she sports a more pointed chin. This lady sold for an amazing $2.87 million dollars, which is only the second sale of the NFT.

Considering that this Punk was sold for $48,365 in February of 2021 and jumped to the price we see today of over $2 million, the latest sale yielded an incredible profit. The anonymous buyer has 3 Punks under their belt, with no suggestion that they are working to acquire more.

#7: CryptoPunk 2140


This punk resembles many other collections that have apes or monkeys as their character. CryptoPunk 2140 went for $3.76 million dollars as we move past the 3 million mark. You can see it as an ape Punk with a knitted cap. The apes in the CryptoPunk collection are among the rarest, with only 24 to be had. The knitted cap is also somewhat rare, and is only shared among 419 other Punks and the small shades are seen on 378 others.

We can see why the combination of the key attribute with two secondary ones make this CryptoPunk so rare. The owner of this NFT in the collection also has ownership of 59 other ones. 

#6: CryptoPunk 2338

The next Punk takes us back to the undead series as this is another zombie Punk. There are only 88 of these undead zombies available, and that key feature makes them rare enough. Then you look at what else this NFT is sporting, such as the thin mohawk, which is the only other discernable trait on this NFT that is shared with 441 others.

The price of this one seemingly simple Punk goes up to $4.37 million! It’s worth it to note the sales history, which saw this Punk initially sell for $458 during its release. At the time, sales of these digital assets that ranged from a few hundred to over a thousand were already pretty expensive, but if you consider its value now, it was a very worthy investment.

#5: CryptoPunk 7252


No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is one that we have visited before. It makes it back on our list because it changed hands just a couple of weeks after selling for the price that puts it in our number nine spot to catapult it to number five now with the most recent sale price at $5.33 million! It’s no secret that expensive CryptoPunks are generating the owners a lot of revenue and selling for numbers in the millions, we can see why they are considered some of the most expensive NFTs. 

We have seen this particular NFT jump in price by a ton, although it isn’t currently listed for sale, it might be in the future and who knows what the price ceiling will be by then. 

#4: CryptoPunk 5217


We are slowly making our way up to the most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold, and the next one is at number four. CryptoPunk 5217 is also from the ape series and it sports the same orange knitted cap as 2140. But instead of the small shades, we see a gold necklace sans shades. 5217 breaks the 5 million mark and sold for $5.59 million!

As said, the ape Punks are very rare, which explains part of the astronomical price. We talked about the knitted cap but the gold chain is only seen on 169 other Punks. The transaction was made in July 2021, and the NFT was immediately transferred to an anonymous account.

We can see that a lot of these sales occurred in 2021, which is also a peak time when many people turned to NFTs and crypto. There is a person with a Larva Labs account bidding for CryptoPunk 5217, but we doubt the owner will accept the offer since it’s only the equivalent of about $400 – perhaps it’s just their starting bid? We doubt it will be sold for that much. 

#3: CryptoPunk 7804


We move onto a part of the CryptoPunk NFT project we have yet to see and one that generates a lot of interest, which is the alien Punk series. There are only nine alien punks in the entire CryptoPunk collection, so you can see why getting your hands on one of these demands extremely high prices.

CryptoPunk 7804 was sold in March of 2021 for the most recent sale price of $7.56 million dollars! While it resembles Sherlock Holmes, many have referred to CryptoPunk 7804 as the “Digital Mona Lisa” because this record-breaking sale is what firmly solidified the integration of blockchain technology and digital art. 

The alien Punk is super rare and we can see it wearing a forward-facing cap, a trait shared by 254 other expensive CryptoPunks, and small shades we have seen on a few other Punks. Then, of course, there is the smoking pipe, which can be seen on 378 CryptoPunks in the collection. 

If you know digital design, then you will definitely have heard of Dylan Field, who is the CEO of Figma. He is the person who currently owns CryptoPunk 7804. 

#2: CryptoPunk 3100


Although it isn’t the most expensive, CryptoPunk 3100 is also a very famous one. The high cost is for another Punk in the alien collection, which has a most recent sale price of $7.67 million. The blue skin is a dead giveaway as to why it’s pricey. It is a very simple CryptoPunk with only a headband attribute. It was purchased at this high price in March of 2021, when it was just sold for a little over $2,000 in 2017.

The current owner of CryptoPunk 3100 has very high hopes for the future development of this NFT as he plans on eventually selling it for the price of $91 million. That is a very lofty goal if we do say so ourselves, and not a lot of people in the world have that kind of money to purchase just a single NFT.

Yes, CryptoPunks are collectible art pieces that can be amazing investments, but we believe that there has to be a ceiling at some point.  

#1: CryptoPunk 7523


We finally get to the most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold with the CryptoPunk 7523. This is one of the priciest NFTs sold with a price of $11.75 million! Of course, it’s an alien punk, and it has three attributes – a gold earring, a face mask and a knitted hat. 

In October of 2021, there was a bid for a whopping price of $87.64 million dollars for this specific CryptoPunk. It’s amazing that the goal of $91 million for our number two NFT seems more realistic than before. However, the $87.64 million price was withdrawn and the token wasn’t sold.

Sotheby’s Auction House is the one arranging the process of many of these transactions for NFTs sold for such high costs.


• Why are CryptoPunk NFTs so expensive?

CryptoPunk NFTs are so expensive because they are the first collection created and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Holding a CryptoPunk is definitely something to brag about, and NFT sales on secondary markets show soaring profits for these non-fungible tokens. 

If you want to be updated with upcoming CryptoPunk NFTs, make sure to check out NFT Drops for the latest drops.


As we said many times before, NFT prices are very volatile and can change quickly. What you purchase it for may not be what it is sold for, so knowing the data on collections will definitely help. CryptoPunks is a pretty safe investment because of what it stands for, which is the first NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. 

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