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NFT Drops Zone
October 23, 2022

NFT Drops Zone - Find Out About Drops Before They Happen!

Flipping NFTs can help some collectors make a significant profit. Knowing when and where to buy coveted NFTs before they drop can help NFT supporters get in on the ground floor and purchase the digital assets for perhaps the lowest price they will be. With so many projects and some kept hush-hush and exclusive, how do you find out when they’ll drop?

What is NFT Drops Zone?

NFT Drops Zone

The answer to getting info on upcoming drops is NFT Drops Zone! While they may be one of the leading websites for new projects, the platform offers much more than that in various features, some of which other sites may not have. NFT Drops Zone is a one-stop shop for all things NFT!

The Features of NFT Drops Zone

NFT Drops Calendar

First and foremost is the most obvious feature – the NFT drops calendar! You can discover the latest drops right on the homepage. As you scroll down, there are dedicated sections for each project and a ribbon that illustrates the status of the project (all of which are minting).

Do you have a specific project in mind or a price range you cannot exceed? The NFT calendar function allows you to sort through different filters such as the mint price, the number of Twitter followers the collection has, and the supply.

Supported Blockchains

What blockchain NFT collections does NFT Drops Zone cover? A lot! You can view how many collections are on each blockchain on the right-hand side of the calendar! We can see the big Ethereum blockchain, the one with the most NFTs, followed by Polygon, Solana, Cardano, and more.

If you click into the blockchain of your choice, you will be taken to a page that displays information on Ethereum-only NFT collections. NFT Drops Zone will also list out the marketplace where you can purchase the collection and an overview.

Clicking into the collection you select will reveal further project details, project links, a description of the project, and most importantly, the mint date. There is even an option to add the mint date to your calendar so you don’t miss it!

Twitter and Discord Trends

Here is a feature that is useful and not often seen. NFT Drops Zone shows Discord and Twitter trends as well for applicable projects. Two options will appear on the bottom left and right-hand corners of each collection block titled “Click to see Discord member chart” and “Click to see Twitter follower chart” or you will just see one.

Clicking on the text will show a colored line chart that details the trend of Discord members and Twitter followers a project has and its movement for the past 10 days. 

NFT News

Maybe you’re not interested in NFT drops but want to learn more about what’s going on in the NFT and crypto world. If this sounds like you, NFT Drops Zone is still a platform that will provide you with a great value under the “NFT News” tab.

Get all the latest info on happenings in the crypto NFT space two to three times a week. NFT Drops Zone makes sure you keep up with all the details. Learning about what’s happening in this space can also help you make decisions on projects to invest in.

NFT Blog

Do you want to learn about all things NFT? The NFT blog section will answer all your pressing questions and provide information, almost like a knowledge hub. There are a wide variety of topics including how to sell certain types of NFTs, the best blockchains for NFTs, and even NFT stocks to buy!

If you are interested in learning more about this space, you have to check out the blog section.

NFT Drop Submission

NFT Drops Zone is not just a platform for learning about future NFT drops, but it is also where you can list your own! Yes, the platform speaks to both the collector and the creator. If you want to submit your NFT drop, just click the big green button on the top right-hand corner and fill out the form with all the details about your collection. 

NFT Generator

As we said, NFT Drops provides plenty of support to creators, and that includes an NFT generator! Yes, you can create NFTs without prior coding knowledge and money to hire artists. What’s offered by the NFT generator:

  • Easy NFT generation
  • Export existing files
  • Customizing traits and layer settings for rarity
  • Attribute rarity settings
  • Multi-character creation
  • Auto-save feature
  • Smart contract deployment
  • And so much more!

Just note that this part of the site is still under construction so check back soon!

Free NFT Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free stuff? NFT Drops Zone also provides free NFT giveaways! There are a few collections listed here where lucky winners get a free NFT!

Why is NFT Drops Zone Better?

NFT Drops Zone provides a lot more than other NFT calendar platforms because not only does it serve as a place to get the latest info on future mints, but also a knowledge base where NFT supporters from all sides can come and learn more about this space. 

There is a blog section, a news section, and a generator and shows details about every project in-depth complete with Twitter and Discord trend charts! It’s safe to say the platform keeps you very well informed.


  • Various features for all those in the NFT community
  • NFT generator
  • NFT blog
  • NFT news section
  • NFT calendar
  • Twitter and Discord trends
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Stellar customer support
  • NFT collection submission option
  • NFT giveaways!


  • Some features are under construction
  • No Instagram as of yet


NFT Drops Zone proves to be a very valuable resource for creators, supporters, and learners in the NFT space. It doesn’t have a big learning curve as some other platforms may, and everything is listed out clearly and easy to find. To keep up with updates about the platform and when every aspect of it will be fully constructed, follow their social media!

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