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Disaster Girl
December 6, 2021

Memes That Have Made Money Through NFTs

In this day and age, memes are everywhere on the internet.

Hell, even your parents probably make references to them (even if they do it a bit late into the game).

But memes are just funny pictures shared by people on the internet, right? That was true, but NFTs have allowed memes to make a profit.

Let’s take a look at a few memes that have been minted into the blockchain, shall we?

5 Classic Memes That Have Been Made Into NFTs

While there are way more memes in the Blockchain already, the enthusiasts here have chosen a list of memes that many people will recognize from the earlier years of the internet.

Bad Luck Brian

Do you remember that unflattering yearbook photo of that blond kid with braces? We’re sure you do if you ever used the internet in 2012.

Kyle Craven minted the meme that made him an internet celebrity in March 2021 for 20 ETH (37,000 USD).

We can probably say that Bad Luck Brian is now Good Luck Brian. 

Overly Attached Girlfriend

In the same year as Bad Luck Brian’s debut, Overly Attached Girlfriend made its way through Reddit’s forums to various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Laina Morris didn’t think she’d become a meme, and she had no idea she would be able to profit from an image that everyone on the internet’s already seen.

But in April 2021, Laina sold her image for 200 ETH (411,000 USD).

While she’s had a LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP with the meme that made her face famous, she says she’s thrilled it’s given her a chance to change her life.

Disaster Girl

When disaster strikes, you’ll probably see memes of Disaster Girl AKA Zoe Roth in the background, smiling eerily at the camera like she was the one who planned it all along.

Now that Zoe Roth is a college senior in North Carolina, she sold the image for 180 ETH (500,000 USD).

She plans on using it to pay off her student loans then donate the rest to charity.

With that kind of plan, at least we know that she’s trying to stop the disaster this time.

Success Kid

Cute kids are always fun to take pictures of, but Success Kid looks adorable in his fist-pumping picture that populated the internet back in 2008.

Sammy Grimer’s mom, Laney Grimer, sold the meme for 15 ETH (32,355 USD) in April 2021.

Laney actually helped Zoe Roth mint her meme into an NFT alongside Kyle Craven.

Nyan Cat

Living through 2012 meant you got to experience Nyan Cat in all its glory.

And it was a delicious time indeed.

This GIF of a pop-tart cat flying through the skies while the colors of the rainbow streaks behind it shows exactly what kind of year 2012 was. 

The artist, Chris Torres, sold Nyan Cat in February 2021 for a whopping 300 ETH (6,000 USD).

We won’t be surprised if Chris Torres feels exactly like Nyan Cat with that kind of money.


The ever-iconic Doge made its way to people’s computers in 2010 and never really left anyone’s hearts.

People love this meme so much that not only was it sold for 1696.9 ETH (4 Million USD), it also has its own cryptocurrency called Dogecoin.

Who knew a picture taken of Kabosu, the pet Shiba Inu of Atsuko Sato, would end up taking the internet by a storm that would last a decade.


With NFTs, meme creators and NFT enthusiasts hope to preserve and credit these memes as cultural landmarks that have helped shape the internet into what it is today.

Because if you think about it, memes are a form of art that you should take seriously.

And NFTs are proving that to the world.

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