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March 14, 2022

Top NFT Artists You Should Know!

The NFT world would not be complete if it weren’t for the NFT creators and digital artists behind these iconic artworks.

These crypto artists have made a name for themselves in the crypto art space with their digital creations and artworks sold at SKY HIGH PRICES at NFT marketplaces.

To Catch You Up

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital files stored on the blockchain and show ownership of a certain digital work or asset.

NFTs can be bought on any NFT market, and each is safe with its own unique encryption code, so it CANNOT be replicated or hacked.

Get to know some of the TOP NFT ARTISTS found in the NFT world!

1. Beeple

Beeple’s artworks will catch the eye of art collectors everywhere!

Beeple (a.k.a Mike Winklemann) is a graphic designer who sold one of the biggest selling NFTs in the entire community!

He is responsible for the piece titled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, an NFT collage of all his artworks over the past 14 years.

This piece of art sold for over 69 MILLION DOLLARS at Christie’s Auction House, making it the HIGHEST SELLING piece of NFT art ever.

Beeple’s digital artwork ranges from comedic to absurd, from futuristic to commentaries.

He has also made a few short films, concert visuals, and short digital video clips of looping graphics, such as Creative Commons VJ Loops.

His clients are some of the most successful people in mainstream media, from renowned rap performers like Eminem and Nicki Minaj to high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Nike!

He is one of the top-selling NFT artists out there, so be sure to check out his work!

2. Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is a Scotland-based artist and one of the top NFT artists out there!

He started his art career in the healthcare industry, hosting art workshops for people with disabilities before shifting to digital art.

He experiments with video production, NFC tags, QR codes, and augmented reality. He has been invested in making crypto art ever since.

His BLEND of ART and TECHNOLOGY is what makes his works some of the best-selling in the NFT community. Since then, his NFT sales have gone through the roof!

He has sold over 5000 digital artworks at around $4000 each. His highest-selling art piece is titled “Bitcoin Angel,” which sold for $188,888, making him one of the BEST-SELLING NFT creators!

3. Jose Delbo

If you are a fan of the DC/Marvel comics, you will love Jose Delbo’s work! This 87-year old NFT artist is proving that art has no age!

This top NFT artist brought traditional comic books and comic book art back into the present day with NFTs.

He started as a comic book artist back in the day and now uses NFTs to change how we consume comic art and create stories.

He has since sold more than 4600 artworks, each averaging around $3,200 each.

His works include “Death,” a 43-page comic book sold for $642, and “Genesis,” which sold for around $550,000!

4. Mad Dog Jones

Mad Dog Jones, aka Micah Dowbak, is one of the most popular NFT artists whose digital art combines cyberpunk themes, post-apocalyptic cityscapes, and visionary dream worlds.

He combines ART and MUSIC in his works and sells for an average of $9000-$11000 each. He has sold over 1,500 works!

His artworks also made a splash on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway

His most popular NFT artwork is titled “REPLICATOR.” It features an ordinary copy machine and a cat doing a certain action on loop. This photocopier produces new artwork every 28 days!

This unique artwork was sold for $4.1 MILLION, while his Crash + Burn series was one of his MOST SUCCESSFUL auctions.

Mad Dog Jones’ CREATIVITY and  INNOVATION secure him a spot as one of the most well-regarded NFT creators ever!

5. Greg Mike

Greg’s fascination with cartoons and New York street art has contributed to his contemporary art style.

Since then, he has painted vibrant murals on walls in several cities featuring original iconic characters like Larry Loudmouf!

Greg also takes our favorite childhood characters and twists them into his new style. So next time you see Bugs Bunny with three eyes, it’s probably thanks to him!

Greg brings his style to the world of NFT crypto art.

His sold-out collection titled “MAD CANS” consists of 100 different soda cans painted with a certain character drawn in his specific and altered style.

Greg’s POP ART style makes his NFTs must-haves for collectors everywhere. You will know a Greg Mike artwork when you see one!

6. Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn describes herself as a “3D artist with surreal futuristic aesthetics”.

She is a self-proclaimed daydreamer who uses her imagination to create digital worlds and brings them to the physical world.

You will find yourself immersed in hundreds of different worlds, all designed and created by this virtual reality painter.

Her FUTURISTIC NEON style has caught the attention of many NFT buyers and major clients like Adidas, Fendi, The New York Times, and even vodka brand Smirnoff!

She has also collaborated with Paris Hilton in raising awareness to small-scale creators and crypto artists.

Their collaboration titled “Iconic Crypto Queen” sold for a whopping 1.1 million dollars!


Contrary to many others who use bright colors in their artworks, the anonymous Xcopy explores a DARKER SIDE to his crypto art.

Xcopy’s artworks use distorted visual loops to look at concepts like death, dystopia, and apathy.

It is a captivating blend of cartoony characters mixed with dark themes, which is why they appeal to the NFT community.

Xcopy has sold over 1900 artworks averaging around $7200. His highest-selling piece is titled “Some A**hole” at an insane $5.9 MILLION!


Victor Langlois, aka FEWOCiOUS, is the YOUNGEST NFT artist on this list at 18 years old!

He joined the NFT space at 17, and despite his young age, he is already a leader in the NFT art community with his personal and colorful artworks.

He has sold over 3000 pieces, averaging $8000 apiece, and each shows a huge pop of color and eye-catching visuals that tell Victor’s story.

He tells his personal story of being transgender and living in an abusive household through his collection titled “Hello, i’M Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life.”

Since then, this digital artist has been an INSPIRATION to other artists to express themselves through art and teach others always to be themselves!

9. Hackatao

Hackatao consists of Nadia Squarci and Sergio Scalet, two leading artists in the NFT art world.

They combined the words “HACKER” (discovering what’s inside) and “TAO” (Yin and Yang), which represents their creative dynamic balance.

Their artworks explore societal issues, environment, psychology, and others related to HUMANITY.

They have sold over 2200 artworks with an average sale of around $12,000, a HIGHER AVERAGE than usual, which shows how in-demand their artworks are.

Their highest-selling piece, “Flood,” featured a nude woman submerged from the neck down in the water and sold for roughly $998,000!

You can find their works on several NFT marketplaces, including Nifty Gateway, Async Art, and Super Rare.

10. Pak

Another anonymous yet mega-successful figure in the community, Pak is leading the charge in the realm of CRYPTO and ELUSIVE art.

Pak has been making digital pieces for over two decades and continues to push boundaries with unique and original styles.

The artist has even gotten the attention of world-famous tech mogul Elon Musk!

Pak’s style consists of monochromatic and geometric shapes. Even Sotheby’s auction house has scouted his works, and his 7000+ works have sold for an average of $7200 each!

11. Slimesunday

Slimesunday, a.k.a Mike Parisella, is a digital collage artist who specializes in provocative and erotic (and quite raunchy) images in his artwork.

Unfortunately, Instagram has CENSORED some of his works, but that didn’t stop him from creating!

He has sold over 6000 artworks at an average price of around $3300 each!

He also collaborates with artist 3LAU, creating the ssx3lau duo. Their highest-selling piece, Gunky’s Uprising, sold for $1.3 MILLION!


Being an NFT creator is NOT an easy task.

Thanks to them, the NFT art world and community are thriving with TALENT and INNOVATION all the time.

Even if non-fungible tokens weren’t a thing, we have to give CREDIT where credit is due.

Whether their works are featured in a physical museum or gallery or just on your laptop screen at home, these artists deserve all the respect and recognition they can get!


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