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Meta Mansions
June 30, 2022

Upcoming NFT Projects to Watch Out For This 2022 (NEW & Updated)

Finding upcoming NFTs can be a tough task as there are many that come out each month. Getting in on the ground floor of the best upcoming NFT projects gives collectors a good chance to turn a hefty profit. The problem is, how does one get the info? We’re here to divulge exciting NFT projects that are coming in 2022. 

Top and Fresh NFT Projects of 2022

Look no further than these best upcoming NFT projects or fresh new arrivals you can look forward to.

#1: Silks: The Popular and Most-Awaited P2E NFT Project

Silks NFT

Silks is an upcoming P2E (play to earn) project that is a dream come true for horse-racing enthusiasts. It takes place in the Silks metaverse, which focuses on horseracing. In the Silks world, collectors (players) can purchase plots (virtual land), own thoroughbred racehorses, trade them, and gain rewards from races won. 

You can view the Silks metaverse as a mirror of the real world. Silks horse owners in the game own digital counterparts of ones in the real world. Therefore, Silks horse owners will benefit if the real-world counterparts of their horses do well.

The Silks whitepaper outlines that players can buy land parcels (virtual land like in Decentraland’s world), and build their own stables for their prize-winning horses. The horses and the land are both NFTs in the Silks world and can be bought and traded via the marketplace. 

Silks is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where members vote on the future direction of the platform. It has a very unique concept, which is why we look forward to Silks, and it earns its place as the top anticipated NFT project. 

#2: Meta Triads: An Income-Generating Project in the Fashion Niche

Do you love fashion? Well, look out! Meta Triads is coming to dominate the fashion sector. It’s another NFT project that is dabbling in the metaverse space. The purpose behind this NFT is to develop a world where fashion brands can create virtual pieces, which are the Meta Triads NFTs.

We’re looking at the introduction of about 10,000 digital assets to hit the NFT crypto market split into three separate categories: humanoid, hybrid, and humans. The NFTs look kind of scary but cool at the same time. Meta Triads is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so you can expect the NFTs to be priced a bit higher (around $500). The Meta Triads NFTs are available for purchase on OpenSea.

#3: Lucky Block NFTs: An Exciting Project from the Platinum Rollers Club

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an exciting NFT project that has been generating a lot of hype. Lucky Block was originally a gaming platform for crypto games, and they have entered the NFT space by creating the Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection. Unlike a lot of the other NFT collections on our list, Lucky Block is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain ecosystem.

The NFTs aren’t special, but what gives them utility is what they give to their collectors. The NFTs basically look like tickets with numbers on them. All NFT owners are entered into daily raffles that could give rewards worth up to $10,000! 

There are also 25 random NFTs within the collection of 10,000 that are rare and can bring double the jackpot to the owner if their number is picked. The Lucky Block NFTs bring incredible value with a one-off prize worth over $300,000 — a Lambo Aventador! 

#4: Rich Cats Nation: The Digital NFT Art Collection with Immense Potential

Rich Cats Nation

Animal NFT projects seem to have been big successes and played a crucial role in shaping the NFT world (Bored Ape Yacht Club, or BAYC, and Boss Cat Rocket Club), and now we have Rich Cats Nation. It looks a little similar to Boss Cat Rocket Club, and you can adopt your very own cat on BSC. There are only 1000 NFT tokens available, and each one is a ticket into the vibrant community of the Nation where members get exclusive benefits and perks.

The cats are organized by level of “wealth”, which is depicted by their garments and accessories. Some are richer and rarer than the others, but they are ultimately all rich (better than the stray cats in the neighborhood, that’s for sure).

If you missed out on BAYC and the cool evolution potions, Rich Cats Nation is your chance to at evolving your NFT. There will be potion releases via NFT airdrops, available royalties for NFT holders for future use, exclusive merch, and more. Get in on the action at

#5: Guild of Guardians: A Much-Anticipated NFT-Based Fantasy Game

Guild of Guardians

With a name like Guild of Guardians, it’s no surprise that it is a fantasy mobile RPG game now with its own NFTs. The players/collectors will create their own guardians to create their own dream team to compete in guilds for rewards.

The NFT creators and the development team made Guild of Guardians a P2E game that is free to play on the Ethereum blockchain. The development team is aiming for release in early 2022, so keep a lookout! The game aims to release unique NFTs that won’t be recreated, so first come, first serve.

In order to make sure you know what’s coming and to get top upcoming NFTs before anyone else, you can join the Guild of Guardians discord or constantly visit the marketplace where heroes, pets, and energy boost NFT drops are announced. 

#6: Meta Mansions: A Metaverse Project With Mintable Mansions

We’re loving the whole metaverse concept, and Meta Mansions is another entryway into the virtual world where collectors can buy digital mansions in the KEYS metaverse. The mansions defy reality’s architectural and physical laws as they focus on aesthetics. If you can’t accord the home of your dreams in the real world, then get in on one of the 8,888 luxury residences on Meta Mansions.

These homes are more than just unique NFTs; but you can live in them (in the virtual world, of course), monetize them for a passive income stream, and your mansion will get you exclusive access to events and future drops. The metaverse is a place where you can reinvent yourself and create the life you have always wanted. 

#7: Pionauts: A Unique Photorealistic NFT Collection


It’s not the first time mankind has gone beyond the stratosphere, but this time we’re also taking a trip back in time. In an era where mankind has lost a lot of hope with all that’s been happening, Pionauts and its savvy investors are hoping to reinstill a sense of inspiration to society.

Pionauts are bringing out past leaders, philosophers, pioneers, scientists, and those who have had a deep impact on mankind’s evolution in various industries back to life. The NFTs include Cleopatra and Albert Einstein, who has been brought back to life via photo-realistic images.

There can be an entire series of one pioneer, but each is customized with unique DNA. You can find different expressions and facial features. The NFTs can be merged and animated, and the next step is to travel from the earth and venture into space! 

How to Find the Best Upcoming NFT Projects

Whether or not you like any of the top NFT project choices we included, knowing how to find information about an upcoming NFT project drop will make sure you get early access and the perks that come with the new NFT projects listed. How do you find upcoming NFT projects? We have some suggestions. 

• Use an NFT Calendar

An NFT calendar will list the best new NFT project launches on any blockchain. This includes not only Ethereum but also Cardano, BSC, and the Solana blockchain ecosystem. A digital art calendar is exactly what it sounds like: a calendar that catalogs all the important NFT drops and new projects coming down the pipeline, including both the notable and the obscure. It’s very easy to keep track of the NFT drop you’re interested in with a digital art calendar.

• Check Updates From the Best NFT Marketplaces

Another way to not miss an NFT’s first drop is to check out the best marketplaces. Ones like OpenSea and will keep information up-to-date and offer more valuable insights from before the project launched and after they have launched. An example of valuable data is NFT stats. These figures give you a deeper understanding of what projects are worth and how much you can make from each.

• Be on the Look-Out on Social Media

Never underestimate the efficiency and efficacy of social media when it comes to keeping tabs on a new and exciting NFT project. Social media platforms that are very useful for digital art info include Twitter and Discord. There is a huge community of NFT supporters that will share the news to find new NFT projects. You can also visit sites like NFT Drops for more details on Upcoming NFTs.

Where Can You Buy Upcoming NFT Projects

You can either buy NFTs through their exclusive dedicated site (but not all new NFT projects have one), or via the popular NFT markets such as OpenSea, Rarible, and all depends on what digital art you’re looking for and what blockchain it’s on. For example, if you’re looking at a Cardano project, chances are you won’t be able to find it on OpenSea, which supports Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Klatyn.


• How do I find best NFT projects on OpenSea?

You can find the best NFT projects on OpenSea via its homepage. The site lists all the best projects directly. You can find top new NFT projects of the day, week, or month, or browse through all that’s available through the “explore” tab. If you need help, there’s a “resources” tab with answers to your questions.

• How do you know if NFT is good?

You can know if an NFT is good is social proof, seller verification, the utility behind it, the names backing it up, and what collectors can do with it, such as generate income. A lot of it can be based on the hype as well, and when you choose to sell it on the secondary market for a high value. 


NFTs are a way to help small businesses raise capital and gain exposure. If you’re an everyday collector, finding new NFT projects and investing in potentially very valuable NFTs such as Meta Triads can help generate income (passive income) and lead to exclusive perks and benefits within the community. Get ahead of the game by following the NFT market trends. 

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