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New Upcoming Avax NFT Drops Calendar

2022 Topps GPK NFT
November 17, 2022
November 24, 2022
The Topps Company, Inc., a division of Fanatics Collectibles and next-gen physical and digital trading card company releases the 2022 Topps GPK Non-Flushable Tokens NFT Collection, an all-new original set of digital collectibles that puts a unique Garbage Pail Kids twist on popular NFT projects and the crypto community as a whole. From CryptoPUKES and LUNA-tic to GASSIE Infinity and Bored Adam …
EdgyEggs NFTs
November 12, 2022
November 19, 2022
High quality 3D Vray designs designed by our in house artist. 10,000 mint on AVAX at $88 priced in AVAX. World's first Eggnite project partnered with Chikn.farms, upgradable NFTs, game launch and NFT sniper is just the beginning. The Chikn project has built a great community, loyal, engaged and active. Their success on Avax has positioned them as one of the leaders of NFTs in this space. As the…
Paragon Gnomes
October 1, 2022
October 8, 2022
Greetings from Paragon Gnomes! We are a community of trading bots built on Rev Share Nft. As a result, if you buy a nft, you now own a piece of the revenue generated by our trading bot, which is increasing by 2% everyday. We gave our NFT holders a share of 50% of the profits. 20% is reinvested, which helps us grow without relying on new investors. and 30% for the overhead of the teams. Nothing…
September 30, 2022
September 30, 2022
Scapecase is offering the chance to everybody to become craftsman. It is an assortment of 888 Scapecase NFTs which is put together by you. Cost = Free…