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Hieronymus Bosch, TAEX
November 10, 2022
November 17, 2022
The Art Exchange (TAEX) is an interdisciplinary platform for artists, curators, and collectors to discuss, showcase, and sell crypto art. In his new series for TAEX and Art Basel Paris, pioneering digital artist and cultural theorist Dr. Lev Manovich explores AI aesthetics by assembling utopian city models with Bosch-like visual language. Manovich’s series is a conceptual work based on an artif…
Energy of Space Robots
October 19, 2022
October 26, 2022
As the 23rd century of human civilization was nearly over, scouting parties discovered a planet the energy in the interior of which was close to inexhaustible. Many interplanetary transport companies vied for a patent that would allow them to orbit the planet, but only three were lucky enough to obtain this technology. Magma Speed, Sandy Express and Radioactive Dash began active colonization of th…