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September 13, 2022

What is a White NFT? What an NFT Whitelist Spot Will Get You

Whitelist NFTs, or white NFTs have become an increasingly popular way for creators to generate hype for their projects and offer incentives for potential NFT holders. There can be a lot of benefits, whatever the creator decides, and it is a pretty simple and straightforward concept. What are white NFTs? Let’s find out!

What is a Whitelist in NFTs?

Let’s answer the big question first – what is a white NFT? A whitelist is basically an exclusive list of spots for a select few to mint the project’s NFT before others. Not only will this guarantee a spot in case the NFTs sell out at the drop, but it could also offer other perks like price discounts and access to rarer NFTs.

What is its Purpose?

Is there another purpose other than to offer early access to an NFT project? 

• Community Engagement

Community engagement is a big thing in the NFT world. Projects largely rely on collaborative support within the space to launch projects. Offering whitelist spots is a great way for a project to not only provide incentives, but also encourage eager supporters for retweets, posts, and shares to gain more exposure for the project.

Whitelists are usually accessible on the community Discord for the project, and it is also where the rules are laid out for it.

• Generate Hype

Exclusive access definitely generates hype. Just the limited spots will give people the incentive to get on there! Aside from that, you could also provide whitelist exclusive mints, reduced prices, and holding NFTs from the whitelist can also give collectors access to future mints, etc. The rules are set by the creator. 

• Less Congestion During the Drop

One very appealing benefit to being on a whitelist is it saves you from network issues and warring gas fees. Whitelists will take a portion of potential collectors out of the equation for the formal drop, which can help prevent congestion on the blockchain.

If the project is minted on a chain with high gas fees such as Ethereum, the whitelist could save people a lot of gas money.

Benefits of White NFTs

That can’t be it, right? There have to be other incentives for white NFTs. There are! Here’s a quick sum up and more benefits to whitelist NFTs.

  • Create a sense of community
  • Whitelisting helps promote an NFT project
  • Combats network congestion and gas fees
  • Guaranteed minting access
  • Discounts and special rare NFTs

How to Get on an NFT Whitelist

There is no doubt that an NFT whitelist has its benefits, but how do you get on it? After all, it is exclusive.

You can do research within the community and on a project to find one you believe would be worth your support. The biggest thing to do is to stay engaged in the community. Don’t let your name fade into obscurity. Get on Twitter spaces, participate in discussions, and share and support other projects. Your efforts will most likely be reciprocated.

Participate in any event that can get you on that whitelist. Many creators do giveaways. If you show your appreciation for a project by doing something like fan art, the creator may take notice and offer you a spot. 

Most importantly, you have to follow the rules. Play by the guidelines of the whitelist and make sure you meet their criteria. The best way to check the eligibility requirements is to look on the Discord.

Participating on Discord


Speaking of a project’s Discord, most projects (if not all) will have a project Discord. Aside from Twitter, Discord is where you will get all the most important info about a project. All major announcements regarding whitelists and any important facts about the project will be revealed here.

Whitelist instructions, a roadmap for the project, and giveaways will also be announced on the Discord. You should be able to find the Discord link or info in the Twitter bio for the project you’re looking at.

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What is a white NFT? It is a whitelist NFT you can mint before the rest of the project drops. If discounted prices, possible access to rare NFTs, and virtually no congestion during the mint sound good to you, then you need to get a whitelist spot. Just stay active, join the project’s Discord, and show your support! 

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